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Monday, January 6, 2014

The Bible in the News

Every week a hundred stories, if not a thousand, illustrate the truth that the Bible is the most relevant and reliable book on the school’s library shelf.  Having been a preacher for almost 50 years, it is my purpose to pick a story each week that illuminates the impact the Bible has had, could have, or should have on “modern” mankind. 

Last week the story of the Catholic nuns—Little Sisters of the Poor—made headline news.[i]  The nuns are suing the Obama administration because the Obamascare law mandates that they, as employers, must offer their employees birth control, which violates their faith and conscience. These nuns will be forced to pay draconian fines if they refuse to comply with the law.[ii]

The Obamascare law is a clear illustration of the Bible truth about conscience versus government.

I Timothy 1:15 says “Now the end of the commandment is charity out of a pure heart, and of a good conscience, and of faith unfeigned.”  The end or purpose of all of God’s laws is to promote charity or selfless love that comes from a pure heart, from a good conscience, and from true faith.  What a lovely picture of righteousness!  If everyone lived by that ideal, governments would not be needed.

One of the first principles of Bible study is to understand that “In the beginning God created” and ordained certain things in a divine order.  For example, marriage was created and ordained in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve before governments were ordained by God’s covenant with Noah after the flood. Marriage between one man and one woman was ordained by God in the Garden. Family was ordained by God in the Garden. These were the first building blocks of society.  But the rule of conscience was first ordained when God created Adam and Eve and placed them in the Garden.

After the flood—around 2000 years after the Garden—God then ordained governments by His covenant with Noah. In Geneis 9:6, God said, “Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed.”  God ordained governments to enforce the laws of God and to punish all forms of evil and wickedness, especially murder. Therefore, the rule of conscience has the preeminence over government dictates—especially when those dictates violate conscience or God’s laws.

In Romans 13:1-7, Paul says in verse 1, “For there is no power but of God, the powers that be are ordained of God.”  He goes on to explain that the main function of government is to enforce the laws of God.  It is governments’ responsibility to “…execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.”

However, Obamascare brings into clear conflict the responsibility of the individual to obey conscience and the responsibility of the government to punish those who break God’s laws.  Who are we to obey? God or government! Obamascare makes these nuns criminals. What is their crime? Helping the elderly poor! What is their crime? Having a conscience!

Nothing illustrates the tyranny of Obamascare more than this story.

The Bible also illustrates this kind of tyranny—the kind of tyranny that forces other individuals to violate their conscience—the kind of tyranny that forces its will upon everyone.

Cain was the first Bible illustration of a tyrant who tried to force his will upon his brother Abel. And he killed his brother because Abel refused to bow to his dictates and demands.  Obamascare seeks to destroy any person who opposes its dictates.

Nimrod is the second Bible illustration of a tyrant to force his will upon others.  He rebelled against God and set up the first dictatorship known upon earth.  From that evil seed came all the ruthless dictators of history who have trampled upon the conscience of good people. For millennia, the norm was Rex is lex, which means the king is law. The whims and wishes and dictates of the king were the law.  Reminds me of a president!  The American Revolution changed that to Lex is Rex, which means that the law is king—nobody, not even the king, is exempt from the law.  So, by what authority does our president grant “exemptions” to Obamascare?  By what authority does Congress exempt itself from so many laws?

Nebuchadnezzar is another Bible illustration of a tyrant who built an image of himself and then forced everyone—no matter what their conscience said—to bow down and worship his image. Thankfully, three Hebrew children had enough conscience to say that you can burn us in your fiery furnace, but we will not bow to your image.  The pride, the arrogance, the hubris of this one king brought the wrath of God upon his own head.  Some political leaders never learn. God is still the King of kings and ruler of the universe!

Herod the Great is another illustration of a tyrant whose murderous intentions made it unsafe even to be a member of his family.  Reminds of me a Korean dictator!

The Caesars of Rome provide a great history lesson as they tried to stamp out conscience, but in the end were smashed.  Governments were ordained by God to uphold His laws, not their whims. Governments that do not sustain God’s laws are ordained to the dump heap of history.

The great thing about the Constitution of the United States and its Bill or Rights is that the First Amendment says that “Congress shall make no laws…”  Our President, liberal Congress members, and Chief Justice Judas and cohorts should write those five words a thousand times on their blackboards—whiteboards—or IPads.  The First Amendment was written to protect conscience from all tyrannical laws that violates both faith and conscience.  The First Amendment not only protects religious orders, denominations, and other religions, but also it protects individual faith and conscience.

My conscience says it is wrong for the government to force anyone to buy whatever government demands.  My conscience says it is wrong to pay premiums that will be used to pay for abortions.  Obamascare violates individual conscience in a thousand different ways.[iii]

Can you imagine the liberal outrage if the government mandated that a Bible be put into every hospital room, hotel room, library, home at the taxpayers’ expense? What if the government mandated that every individual—regardless of their religious beliefs—buy a Bible?

Can you imagine the liberal outrage if the government mandated that everyone—including vegetarians and PETA members—pay for the slaughter and processing of meat?

Governments were not ordained by God to enforce equality, but to insure life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These are two totally different ideals. God did not ordain governments to sponsor social justice, but to promote the laws of nature and of nature’s God. God did not ordain governments to crush conscience, but to cultivate it.

Chalk one up for the Sisters! I hope and pray that they will win a victory for all individuals of conscience.

One simple act would destroy Obamascare. If 80 million Americans or more simply defied the law and refused to buy an Obamascare policy, Obamascare would collapse within this first year.  Polls say that over half of Americans oppose this law.[iv]  What would happen if these refused to buy? What would happen if these voted their conscience?

Who should we obey?  God or tyrants?  Obamascare or conscience?

May God bless America by giving us more individuals with a conscience!

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