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Saturday, September 8, 2012


The Supreme Court decision to uphold ObamaScare was a knife in the back and the kiss of a betrayer. After the Court struck down the Arizona immigration law, I had a sick feeling that the Court would uphold ObamaScare. I imagined that Kennedy would be the swing vote, but was shocked when Chief Justice Judas gave conservatives the kiss of death.

The American people have a clear choice in November. Do they want a Marxist, socialist, communist style of government; or do they want to preserve the Constitution and our Bill of Rights? Do Americans really want to replace the Bible with the Communist Manifesto?

The Supreme Court just trashed the Constitution and asserted the Communist Manifesto as the new Bible of the USSA (The United Socialist States of America).

VOTE D if…you want DeFacto Marxism.
VOTE D if…you want to DESTROY the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.