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We the People are FED UP! Are you FED UP with trillion dollar deficits?

Are you FED UP with rising gas prices?

Are you FED UP with politicians making excuses?

Are you FED UP with feeling helpless?

First, Read FED UP because there is something “we the people” can do!

Candidates Worthy of Your Support

I have a survey that shows just where your representative stands on each of the twenty issues on this blog. If you will join the blog as a follower, then I will send a survey to your representatives in Congress and post the results here.
Get your survey at this link:

Survey for Candidates

Sean Hannity has a great site for contacting your representatives:

He also has a site for checking their voting record:

For great conservative politics in Louisiana, please, follow the Moon Griffon Show or his website at:

My dream is to build a site where every conservatives candidate in every state and district can be displayed.

Action is needed now!  Let me know about genuine conservative candidates running for office in your district and state that need support.