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Friday, August 12, 2011

CUT THE SPENDING STUPID! Same Song--Seventeen Trillion Dollar Verse!

S&P has just downgraded the credit rating of America from AAA to AA.

For conservatives this is a call to action: First, we the people must demand a Balanced Budget Amendment with teeth that stops spending or Congressmen will lose their salaries and benefits. Read FED UP to find out how. Second, we the people must demand Congress pay off the debt at a rate of 5% per year until the debt is gone in twenty years. Third, we must demand a return to the Reagan era tax rates with the promise to go to a fair tax system within ten years.

Fourth, we the people must educate the 30% of Americans who have no idea how horrific trillion dollar deficits and a 16 trillion dollar debt are.

Here is a PowerPoint presentation that will hopefully help educate Americans about the mountain of debt liberals have given us. The average person cannot fully comprehend $100 million much less $16 trillion. Maybe this will help understand the length, the depth, the breadth, and height of our staggering deficits and debt.

Click on this link on the left hand side of page "Check out these videos."
Click on "How Big is Our Debt."

If you would like a personal presentation for a group, please contact me.
If you would like a personal copy of this presentation to show to your group, please contact me.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vote “D” If…

Since I can remember, Democrats—with the aid of the liberal press—have been experts at using the ten-second-sound-bite to win public opinion, while Republicans have become experts at “hem-hawing” excuses.
Paul Ryan is a case in point. Democrats have failed to propose a budget for three consecutive years—2009-2011. Their delinquency has not been exposed because the liberals have used every opportunity to blast Ryan’s budget bill as a “Social Security and Medicare killer”—even producing an ad with a Ryan look-alike pushing granny off a cliff. Then Harry Reid—assured of public support—brought Ryan’s budget up for a vote in the Senate.
Like normal, Republicans began “hem-hawing” and cowering for cover in the covert corners of Congress. Some even retreated entirely from the proposal to save Social Security and Medicare and balance the budget. Once again, the Republicans have squandered the Tea Party victory of 2010 and are slinking into the Sea of Spinelessness, riding their party barge “No Das, No Das.”
So, I would like to offer a ten-second-sound-bite that—hopefully—Republicans will find the courage to use.

Vote “D” if…

You want Deficits and Debt out the Wahzoo.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Winning the War of the “Ten-Second-Sound-Bite”

Democrats are experts at one thing: Public Relations (Press Releases). Long ago, they realized that they had to win the war of words against Republicans. Every day, talking points are sent to the liberals in the press, in the unions, and in the government. Rush Limbaugh often does a montage showing dozens of lying, lunatic, liberal Democrats saying the exact same words. This is not coincidence, but part of a deliberate plan.
Liberal Democrats have used this exceedingly brilliant and effective tactic for decades. The principle is simple—repeat something often enough, and people will believe it is the truth—even if it is not. It works! The problem is that liberals are notorious for repeating mendacities.
Now, compare this strategy with what Republican do. In an effort to appear independent and intelligent, they all respond differently to the same question or issue. Often their responses are accurate and well thought out, but their answers are not pithy or concise or poignant. When asked a question by reporters, they tend to go on and on in a blather of words. So, when the report is broadcast on TV, the Democrats all give the same ten-second-sound-bite while the Republicans are shown hem-hawing in uncertainty and seeming contradiction. Which answer does the viewing public remember? That’s right: the ten-second-sound-bite!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Trumpeting a Plan to Tax the Rich

          Donald Trump is out of the Presidential race (maybe—maybe not), but he did raise a major issue: China and jobs going overseas. I would like to introduce an idea that deserves discussion because this problem warrants immediate attention with a practical solution. If anyone has a better solution, please contact me.
Don’t jump to conclusions. I have not lost my conservative mind. But, I have a plan to “tax the rich,” especially the rich enemies of freedom.
          I am a big fan of the fair tax, but until more minds are molded to agree, I have a “tax the rich” plan that I think conservatives—who normally hate taxes—will love. So, hear me out.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Budget Cuts—What Budget Cuts?

The left is howling over the draconian budget cuts in the recent deal to avert a government shutdown. Is $39 billion truly painful cuts? Hold the presses! When the smoke and mirrors are removed, the real budget cuts were closer to $14 billion.[i] Wait a minute—is it only $350 million? In a $1.6 trillion deficit, that is like losing a penny. There is more waste in the trashcans of Washington D.C.
The truth is that mountains of waste can be found in any government agency. Harry Reid says that the Cowboy Poetry Festival must be saved.[ii] I was raised a cowboy on a ranch in Colorado. I love the Sons of the Pioneers, but you got to be kidding me. America is bankrupt! Must we “save” some cowboy poets? Let’em punch cows to make a living!
A measly $39 billion is not draconian when tens of billions of dollars could still be attached by earmarks![iii] Where is the promise to eliminate all earmarks? Boehner claims that there are no earmarks, but let’s wait and see what the “final” bill has. It is past time to break Congress from sucking eggs.
Has anyone done the math? $39 billion divided into a $1.6 trillion deficit means that it will take over 41 years to just pay off the deficit of this one budget. Come on, Rhinos! Get some guts. Be bold! Cut the budget by $2 trillion. Even that would not be draconian—it’s called balancing the budget and reducing the debt.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sticker Shock on Tax Day

Just finished my taxes with the CPA and got the shock of my life. I could not believe how much I still owed in Federal taxes; there just had to be some mistake. I even took my W2 back to the school business office and asked the lady if some mistake had been made.
She was nice and said that a whole lot of teachers got the same shock. Then she said, “Do you remember Obama’s tax relief plan where the tables were lowered in order to stimulate the economy?” [i]

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tax Time: Are You Contributing to a Ponzi Scheme?

As tax day—April 15th—returns, take some time to consider where your tax dollars are going. As Social Security titters on the edge of bankruptcy with no solution in sight, I want to demonstrate that Social Security is a deliberate Ponzi scheme set up by Congress to bilk the American public out of trillions of dollars. If Congress passed a law that persecuted Christians, it still would not make it right. Just because Congress has legalized a Ponzi scheme, that still does not make it right.
          I am using an Excel spreadsheet that is formulated to simulate what happens if you had put the same amount of money into Social Security or some form of secure investment.[i] What is the truth? Numbers do not lie; politicians do! Read on and weep!

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Great Middle Mass of America

A 2009 Gallup poll reveals that conservatives outnumber liberals two to one, but it also reveals that the real battle is to win the hearts and minds of the great American middle mass—the moderates.[i]
This poll revealed that in every state of the nation conservatives outnumber liberals—the only exception is the liberal-land of Washington D.C. What about the “left coast”? California has 7% more conservatives than liberals. What about the mecca of liberalism, New York? New York has 6% more conservatives than liberals. What about the home of the godfather of American liberalism, Ted Kennedy? Even in Massachusetts, conservatives outnumber liberals by 1%. Vermont ties that. Who would have thought it? Even in the liberal battleground for public unions, Wisconsin has 17% more conservatives than liberals.
So, why are conservatives taking a beating?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why Waiting on Washington Won't Work

We the people have been waiting on Washington D.C. for real solutions to the problems facing our nation for decades.  We keep electing “sweet sounding slogans” and keep getting “sour milk.” Politicians keep “getting the goldmine” and we keep “getting the shaft.” Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

The reasons that solutions will never come from the top—Washington.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Issue #8...Energy Independence: Drill Here, Drill Now

Rising gas prices are in the news this week. So, take a look at Issue #8 in the "Issues in Detail."

This week, we have a new reason to join forces to oppose the liberal idea of "going green."

Issue #8…Energy Independence: Drill here, drill now.
Two separate ingredients came together to create the recent economic downturn. The first ingredient was intervention of liberals in Congress and by a past president to force lending institutions to lend mortgage money to people who would not normally qualify. These forced loans are another example of lunatic liberal ideas that do far more damage than good because when millions of people could no longer pay the mortgages and when banks overloaded in these debts began to go bankrupt, the economy took a nosedive with the stock exchange falling from near 12,000 to below the 8000 level. The ripple effect was enormous. Rather than using the proven conservative remedy of tax cuts, liberals proposed more and more lunatic spending. For the first time in our history, liberals have spent almost two trillion dollars they do not have—creating another future catastrophe.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Stop the Stupidity: Cut Spending

     The number one issue facing America is the repeal of Obamacare. The disastrous effects of this socialist spending law are like a ticking time bomb, set to go off after Obama leaves office. All by itself, it will bankrupt America in the near future. Until it is repealed, Congress should completely defund every aspect of it.
     After spending two years pushing Obamacare as the number one issue, now liberal Democrats chide Republicans saying that jobs and the economy are the number one issue. Well, these were and are the number one issue, but Obamacare will only continue to hurt both. The economy and jobs are being hurt by the same problems within Obamacare: higher taxes and exorbitant spending. Since Republicans did get Obama to extend the Bush tax cuts, I want to deal with the other major factor that is killing the economy: exorbitant spending and how Congress can cut it.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Enemies of Liberty--Foreign and Domestic

We the people oppose Liberal enemies foreign and domestic and plan to vote the bums out:
First, we the people will vote them out because of their lies. If liberals spoke truthfully to the American people, they would never hold any office. Consequently, they must cover their true intentions with lies produced from polls. Pollsters tell them that Americans want choice and competition. Hence, they promise choice and competition while the true language of the bills reveals the destruction of any choice or competition within the healthcare system.  On every major issue—whether cap and trade, taxation, immigration etc—the lying liberals cover their true intentions with sugarcoated lies.  We the people have learned we cannot believe or trust them, so it is past time to vote the lying liberal bums out!!!

The U.S. is FED UP Act

“We the people” propose to balance the budget, reduce the debt, and make Social Security solvent by placing Congress and other elected or appointed officials on a performance payment plan—if it’s good enough for teachers; it’s even better for politicians.