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Monday, February 28, 2011

Stop the Stupidity: Cut Spending

     The number one issue facing America is the repeal of Obamacare. The disastrous effects of this socialist spending law are like a ticking time bomb, set to go off after Obama leaves office. All by itself, it will bankrupt America in the near future. Until it is repealed, Congress should completely defund every aspect of it.
     After spending two years pushing Obamacare as the number one issue, now liberal Democrats chide Republicans saying that jobs and the economy are the number one issue. Well, these were and are the number one issue, but Obamacare will only continue to hurt both. The economy and jobs are being hurt by the same problems within Obamacare: higher taxes and exorbitant spending. Since Republicans did get Obama to extend the Bush tax cuts, I want to deal with the other major factor that is killing the economy: exorbitant spending and how Congress can cut it.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Enemies of Liberty--Foreign and Domestic

We the people oppose Liberal enemies foreign and domestic and plan to vote the bums out:
First, we the people will vote them out because of their lies. If liberals spoke truthfully to the American people, they would never hold any office. Consequently, they must cover their true intentions with lies produced from polls. Pollsters tell them that Americans want choice and competition. Hence, they promise choice and competition while the true language of the bills reveals the destruction of any choice or competition within the healthcare system.  On every major issue—whether cap and trade, taxation, immigration etc—the lying liberals cover their true intentions with sugarcoated lies.  We the people have learned we cannot believe or trust them, so it is past time to vote the lying liberal bums out!!!

The U.S. is FED UP Act

“We the people” propose to balance the budget, reduce the debt, and make Social Security solvent by placing Congress and other elected or appointed officials on a performance payment plan—if it’s good enough for teachers; it’s even better for politicians.