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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vote “D” If…

Since I can remember, Democrats—with the aid of the liberal press—have been experts at using the ten-second-sound-bite to win public opinion, while Republicans have become experts at “hem-hawing” excuses.
Paul Ryan is a case in point. Democrats have failed to propose a budget for three consecutive years—2009-2011. Their delinquency has not been exposed because the liberals have used every opportunity to blast Ryan’s budget bill as a “Social Security and Medicare killer”—even producing an ad with a Ryan look-alike pushing granny off a cliff. Then Harry Reid—assured of public support—brought Ryan’s budget up for a vote in the Senate.
Like normal, Republicans began “hem-hawing” and cowering for cover in the covert corners of Congress. Some even retreated entirely from the proposal to save Social Security and Medicare and balance the budget. Once again, the Republicans have squandered the Tea Party victory of 2010 and are slinking into the Sea of Spinelessness, riding their party barge “No Das, No Das.”
So, I would like to offer a ten-second-sound-bite that—hopefully—Republicans will find the courage to use.

Vote “D” if…

You want Deficits and Debt out the Wahzoo.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Winning the War of the “Ten-Second-Sound-Bite”

Democrats are experts at one thing: Public Relations (Press Releases). Long ago, they realized that they had to win the war of words against Republicans. Every day, talking points are sent to the liberals in the press, in the unions, and in the government. Rush Limbaugh often does a montage showing dozens of lying, lunatic, liberal Democrats saying the exact same words. This is not coincidence, but part of a deliberate plan.
Liberal Democrats have used this exceedingly brilliant and effective tactic for decades. The principle is simple—repeat something often enough, and people will believe it is the truth—even if it is not. It works! The problem is that liberals are notorious for repeating mendacities.
Now, compare this strategy with what Republican do. In an effort to appear independent and intelligent, they all respond differently to the same question or issue. Often their responses are accurate and well thought out, but their answers are not pithy or concise or poignant. When asked a question by reporters, they tend to go on and on in a blather of words. So, when the report is broadcast on TV, the Democrats all give the same ten-second-sound-bite while the Republicans are shown hem-hawing in uncertainty and seeming contradiction. Which answer does the viewing public remember? That’s right: the ten-second-sound-bite!