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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Unintended Consequences

Many articles have been written about the unintended consequences of Obamascare.[i] Five million people, like me, have lost their insurance—which we liked.  Millions have lost a good doctor—and I wish I could have kept mine. Can you imagine the consternation of the cancer patients who have lost their insurance coverage?  They face months of doctor bills without insurance, and they must navigate a questionable website.

The horror stories of Obamascare are like Mt. Vesuvius—literally destroying millions of lives—and the news media ignores the eruption.  Will they scream when their employer provided policies are cancelled next year?

Volunteer fire departments’ futures hang in the balance because Obamascare says they must provide insurance, but they cannot afford it.[ii]

Americorp teachers lose their coverage…and it was government insurance.[iii]

Millions of unintended consequences!

On the other side of the equation, entrepreneurs are finding affordable and legal ways around Obamascare.  One interesting development is concierge doctor services.

What an unexpected “unintended” consequence! Doctors are fed up with government takeover and red tape. So, they found this loophole in the law—they can provide services for cash.  No insurance claims to file! No government red tape! No bureaucrats breathing down their neck! Less hassles—more cold cash.

Can we say the magic word? Competition!  That has always been the key ingredient in reducing the cost of anything. Economics 101!!! If you want to reduce prices, then increase competition.  Now, doctors are being forced to compete with the government-controlled-medical-morass monopoly.

Congress should encourage this entrepreneurial spirit by passing a law that gives tax incentives to doctors who form concierge services.  Taking healthcare out of the hands of government bureaucrats and putting it into the hands of individuals and their doctors will increase competition and lower costs.

While they are at it, Congress should increase competition between insurance companies by allowing companies to sell across state line and allowing policies to be portable. Increasing competition between insurance companies would make healthcare more affordable.

Another way to increase competition in health insurance is to encourage more people to start a Health Savings Account.  First, allow everyone—even those with low deductibles—to open a HSA. Second, make the HSA like a Roth IRA that is tax free and can be handed down tax free to other family members. Third, allow a $10 million limit—even for those rich enough to self-fund their healthcare in one year.  Fourth, allow all medical expenses to be tax deductible through the HSA—even alternative treatments and preventative measures like vitamins—any treatment that a doctor and patient agree upon. These simple measures would cause the insurance company to compete for every healthcare dollar.

[Examine the above idea closely. Many people advocate HSAs with high deductibles.  Many of the current HSAs have restrictions that discourage their use. But a HSA that has no deductible and is more like the Roth IRA would benefit every American.  Very few have considered this…it is pass time to support it!]

Increase competition between doctors. I have a niece who wanted to be a doctor. She was extremely smart and had the grades to prove it, yet she could not get into a medical school. She tried for ten years, but finally gave up, discouraged.  Yet, the government allows “underqualified” doctors to come into this country from a thousand foreign countries. Medical colleges deliberately keep the number of doctors low in order to keep their pay checks up.  Increase the competition! The government should remove the tax favors and government funds to medical schools that reject any student who is qualified and able to pass their rigorous programs.  Give American students a chance to replace foreign-trained doctors.

Congress should increase competition by limiting the amount of medical malpractice lawsuits.  Yes, people whose lives have been messed up or destroyed deserve compensation.  But the lawyers should not walk away with millions while the injured party walks away with pennies. Limit the amount to $5 million with the lawyers getting 10%. Plus make the guilty doctors and hospitals provide or pay for all the medical expenses needed for the patient they harmed.  Make the solution simple and fair. Increase the competition and medical costs will plummet.

Increase the competition between the research and development companies. I know it is expensive to develop a new drug.  Increase the competition!  Allow individuals or small companies tax incentives for developing new drugs or cures.

Streamline the government red tape in getting new drugs approved.  Remove the payback schemes between government officials and companies.  Increase the competition!

No doubt, hundreds of great ideas exist that would increase competition. Ideas from doctors! Ideas from insurance agents! Ideas from medical companies! Ideas from research companies! Ideas from common sense Americans![iv]

Why are not the Republican exploring, exploiting, and exclaiming those ideas? Instead, these meat-head morons want to “revamp” and “republicanize” Obamascare. What idiots!

The reason that Obama was successful in selling this huge megalomaniacal medical madness is that when the Republicans were in power and had a real opportunity to make common sense changes to the law, they simply sat on their royal derrieres and increased government programs and inflated the federal debt.  What idiots!

Beam me up, Scotty!

Increase the competition! If members of Congress refuse common sense reforms, then vote the lying, lunatic liberals out!

Conservatives do have a plan that is simple and workable. We will organize and educate using the internet. We will find truly conservative candidates—local, state, and federal. We will commit our money to getting these conservatives elected.  We will not quit until every liberal and then every Rhino is replaced by common sense conservatives.

We the People must, can, and will reclaim our liberties!

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