Join An Army of Committed Conservatives

We the People are FED UP! Are you FED UP with trillion dollar deficits?

Are you FED UP with rising gas prices?

Are you FED UP with politicians making excuses?

Are you FED UP with feeling helpless?

First, Read FED UP because there is something “we the people” can do!

The Preamble

Vote the lying, lunatic, lily-livered, loudmouthed, limousine-lazy, liberal bums out!!!

The liberals are "giddy with excitement" not only because they just passed the largest entitlement program since social security, but also because they have enslaved the American people, spoiled future generations of their liberty, insured an insolvent American economy, sponsored a soviet-styled socialist, Marxist, progressive takeover of our government, and shredded the Constitution of the United States with a single vote on healthscare.

Our Goal: Vote the Lying, Lunatic, Liberal Bums Out

It is time for "we the people" to take back our country. It will not be easy and it will not be accomplished quickly. We must organize through the internet while we can. We must formulate and execute a simple plan. In short, we must put our money where our mouth is. If we are unwilling to do that, then we deserve the chains of slavery that are coming.  I have never given a dime to any candidate or party, but I am now willing to bankrupt myself—if need be—in order to "vote the bums out."

I have pledge, a plan, and a platform that will accomplish this goal if enough people will embrace it.

Our Pledge is to give at least a thousand dollars a year to help elect Reagan conservatives to office and to vote the lying, lunatic, liberal bums out.

Our Plan is to elicit the listeners of talk radio and Christian radio, the viewers of Fox news, and the enthusiastic participants of the Tea Party to take this pledge. If 20 million of us will put our money where our mouth is, then we the people will have a 20 billion dollar war chest.  I also plan to enlist as many conservative candidates as possible to dedicate themselves to a conservative agenda and then to run for state legislatures, governorships, and Congress. We the people want to take back our country.

Our Platform is simple: within the first 100 days of retaking our country back, we must repeal healthcare immediately, put all elected officials—past and present—on Social Security, reduce the size and scope of the federal government back to Constitutional boundaries, greatly reduce taxes across the board, and insure that never again will socialism prevail in America.

Review this comprehensive outline of this pledge, plan, and platform for a renewed country so that our government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth. We the people must act now!

Preamble for the Vote the Lying, Lunatic, Liberal Bums Out Website:
We the people may not have billions of dollars to spend on politics, but we have millions of people who are willing to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to promote freedom. George Soros and the Hollywood elitists are spending millions and billions of dollars to influence Congress to turn our free nation into a socialist sewer. We the people pledge to give our last dollar if needed to defeat this evil and to preserve freedom in this nation.

Recent tea parties demonstrate that millions of citizens, who are willing to unite behind a cause, can influence Washington. An angry electorate has shown a resolve to march on Washington and dump a boatload of old bags into the Potomac River. Yet, the Congressional and Democratic ideologues march lock step toward a government take over of healthcare while ignoring millions of their constituents in town hall meetings across America.

Therefore, the time has come for the concerned conservative citizens of this nation to unite and vote the bums out.  Millions of people—who are willing to put their money where their mouths are—can and will vote out these lying, lunatic liberals.

We the people are also tired of spineless Republicans who talk freedom but act like liberal tyrants once they are entrenched in Washington DC. Therefore, we the people are resolved that we will find and vote into office candidates who are Reagan conservatives—candidates who will oppose the lying, lunatic, lily-livered, loudmouthed, limousine-lazy liberals.