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Saturday, May 26, 2012


I have been a pastor for over 40 years. However, in 2002 I decided to supplement my pay and retirement by entering education. In two years I had my Master’s degree and was teaching English in the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th grades. It took only six years to burn out. After a brief respite, I began working on my Master’s degree in special education and working at a preschool, where teaching is fun again.

The years that I taught in high school were eye opening and startling. I was raised in a generation that feared the teachers because the “board of education” hung in the principal’s office. That board taught respect. In those days, if a student was paddled at school, the parents taught their student a second lesson on respect with their board. Today’s students cannot even imagine how it was. But, our education was of the highest quality. So, what has happened to education in America?

In ONE WORD, I can give you the reason for our dumbed-down schools.
In ONE WORD, I can give you the solution that would make schools super successful.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Meet My Liberal Country Club President—former president.

Golf is my favorite pastime, so several years ago I joined a popular country club that had even held an event for the Hooter’s tour. The course was popular and the club had over 400 members, most of them just working class people.

So, they elected a new president who had all these big dreams of how he was going to make this a great club. Of course, those dreams meant money, but rather than living within the budget, he proposed a “small” increase of $10/month on the membership dues. “Surely,” he argued, “that is a small price to pay for the needed improvements.” This small increase would increase the country club’s budget by $4000/month or $48,000 in extra spending cash.

Many of the members started warning them that if they raised the dues that many member would quit. But, he ignored the warnings and persuaded the board to vote in the increase. Sure enough, about 40 members quit. Do the math. He had just lost his increased budget.

Did this “liberal” learn a lesson? No way! In just a couple of months, he sent out a letter explaining the blight of the club now that they had increased spending and some members had resigned.

What was his solution?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

VOTE D…if you agree with Dummerzan de Rawk

Meet the happy citizen of France, Monsieur Roth Ulysses Dummerzan de Rawk. His friends call him R.U. He is so elated since the new French socialist candidate was elected. He is 59 and could not stand the idea of having to retire at 62. Now, he can retire at 60. It won’t be long until the children of France will be able to retire right after they are weaned from their pacifier. 

He is delighted that the rich will now being paying 75% of their income in taxes. He doesn’t care that most of them are fleeing to some other country where taxes are lower. He doesn’t think about who will really be paying the taxes.

He is enthralled about the future. He dreams of homes for all the poor. He imagines that everyone has well-paying jobs and healthcare. Poverty and disease will disappear. Oceans will recede. All pollution will disappear. France will soon spend itself into utopia!

Or will it be pandemonium? He doesn’t care that the funds are bankrupt and the country will soon follow Greece into the meat grinder of austerity measures.

If you believe that liberal socialism will produce paradise, so does R.U. Dummerzan de Rawk!