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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Lone Survivor and the Rules of Engagement

The movie Lone Survivor brings into sharp focus the stupidity of liberal politicians who have never been on the front lines. An entire group of soldiers are wiped out, except for one lone survivor, because of the liberal rules of engagement.

These soldiers were sent on a mission, but the mission was compromised by some Afghan goat herders. The rules of engagement said that they were not enemy combatants and had to be set free. When released, these Afghans went immediately to warn the village, who sent out combatants to surround and kill them. A senseless tragedy caused by liberal ineptness.

Fortunately for the lone survivor, friendly Afghans saved this hero’s life. The rules of engagement should not be blind. They should recognize those friendly to our troops while at the same time countering the real threat.

Common sense would have tied each goat herder to the trees so that our men could have either completed their mission or returned to safety.

However, common sense in liberal politicians is as rare snow in Hades.

I am of the Viet Nam era. Our troops are the best in the world. Our liberal politicians are the worst. I have a simple belief. If we send our troops to war, then fight a war. And there is only one rule in war…WIN! However, if you are going to police the world, then don’t! Bring our boys home! NOW! Period!

The rules of engagement have put our soldiers in danger since they were changed in 2009 by this president.
I want to give some fictitious examples that are based upon true incidents.

Example 1: Suppose that an Afghani has been spotted sitting on an IED in his compound surrounded by women and children. Spotters request that the Afghani be taken out.  Response: As long as there are women and children around…NO!

So, a few days later, on a road not so far away, a convoy comes by and a vehicle is hit…killing and maiming several servicemen.

Women and children don’t have to be killed…Our soldiers are capable of getting the job done without collateral damage.  The raid on Osama’s compound proves that. Common sense has two options. Either wait until the women and children are far enough away and let a sniper “light his fire,” or surround the compound remove the women and children and give the fighters an option to surrender and go to Gitmo or to die fighting.  

But the liberal rules of engagement simply let them live to fight another day.

Example 2: A patrol of our soldiers have been surrounded by sniper fire and are pinned down. The Afghan fighters were closing in for the kill. Back-up for our troops arrive just in time. When they do, the Afghan fighters lay down their arms. A request is made to shoot, but it is denied. The Afghans slip off and wait for another day to fight.

Common sense would tell us to at least arrest them and send them to Gitmo. Get them off the battlefield. Interrogate them.  But the liberals simply let them go free to fight another day.

If you don’t believe my examples, ask the men who are serving now in Afghanistan. That is where I got my examples.  They will tell you more terrifying and true stories than these. These soldiers and heroes offer many common sense solutions that would save hundreds of lives and thousands of injuries.

The movie illustrates that point. In WWII they would have either been shot the goat herders or taken them as prisoners and the troop would have completed its mission.

Liberals are so worried about collateral damage. Well, I am alive because of collateral damage. My father was an army soldier trained under General MacArthur, along with thousands of other men, who were getting ready to invade Japan. The first wave was set and within a few days tens of thousands of men would die. After the war, the generals learned that the casualties would have been even greater than they predicted.  In all probability my father would have been one of those casualties and I would not be alive.

Thankfully, President Truman learned about the Atomic bomb and made the hard decision that our men’s lives were worth more than a little collateral damage. So, he ordered the Atomic bomb to be dropped on Hiroshima.  Tens of thousands were killed—collateral damage. The Japanese leaders were stunned but not willing to surrender. So, the President ordered a second bomb to be dropped. This time the Japanese realized we had enough bombs to destroy every city in Japan and they ran up the white flag as soon as they could.  The basic rule of war is to hit the enemy hard and often where it really hurts—and keep hitting them until they surrender.

You cannot negotiate with an enemy determined to destroy you; however, you can demolish his will to fight.

Liberals seem to forget that almost 3,000 innocent women, children, and bystanders were killed on 9/11.  The enemy does not care about collateral damage!  Evidently, liberals care more about foreign collateral damage than about American collateral damage. The liberal rules of engagement endanger all Americans—all of the time—not only abroad, but here at home. Remember the Boston Marathon! 

Liberal lunacy guarantees that more attacks will come. Conservative common sense could end all threats within a decade.  How?

Hit the enemy hard—Hit them often!!!  Until the enemy understands he has no chance of winning.

I am not saying that we should be wage war like Attila the Hun—although the radicals Muslim do.  They don’t mind beheading innocent journalists or American contractors. And liberals are merciless when it is a conservative in their sight. Does IRS mean anything?

However, common sense will always save the most lives. Common sense does not endanger lives because of political expediency or timidity.

Common sense will tell you that we face an enemy that cares nothing about our lives or our way of living.  Their stated goal is to destroy America and all freedom loving Americans.  That is a lot of collateral damage!

Common sense should tell anyone what needs to be done!  Either bring our men home or turn them loose!  Let them do their job without artificial “rules of engagement.” Hit the enemy hard and often until they lift up the white flag.  Anything less is stupidity—liberal stupidity!

I listened to the Fox interview of the father of one of those killed. He was asked if he would recommend our young people to join the armed forces.  His answer was painful—for him and me—but the answer was true.  He said that under the present rules of engagement, he would not recommend any young person to join.

It’s not political—it’s common sense crying for an uncommon valor for our leaders to do what is best for the men that serve under them—not what is best for the enemy!

We the People … 20 million strong…must engage the enemies of freedom—foreign and domestic!

Lunatic liberals will give terrorist the benefit of the doubt… but are heartless in their war on conservatives.

We the People … 20 million strong…must replace lunacy with common sense!

Lunatic liberals will fight to release terrorists from Gitmo… but will use the IRS to ruthlessly persecute, prosecute, and terminate the Tea Party.  Chuck Schumer as vowed to use the IRS to “crush” the Tea Party.[i]

We the People … 20 million strong…must show up at the polls!  The 2014 election is the battlefield.

Lunatic liberals “negotiate” with a nuclear Iran… but neglect Israel—the only lovers of freedom in the Middle East—and ridicule the religious right who fight relentlessly for the preservation of our liberties in America.

We the People … 20 million strong…must put our money where our mouths are!  That is our rules of engagement!

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