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Monday, June 18, 2012


The recent recall of Governor Walker in Wisconsin illustrates the lunatic liberal ideology behind the Democrat Party that demagogues issues and seeks to destroy opponents.  However, with this liberal state waking up, is there hope that many more common sense Americans will also wake up before the November election?

I personally believe that two types of liberals exist. The first type is the honest liberal who truly believes the tripe. They have adopted the utopian ideals and truly believe that mankind can reach that goal. However, these individuals have never made the connection between the ideal and the real. The real outcomes of liberal ideology have been tried in Russia, China, Cuba, and dozens of other Communist governments. In every case, the utopian promises of paradise on earth have produced pandemonium. These liberals are sincere, yet sincerely wrong. How many of these liberals have seen the disastrous results of Obama’s policies and may possibly be waking up?

The second type of liberal will never admit to any fact that supports conservative ideals. Michael Moore shouts that Cuba’s healthcare is far superior to ours. However, when he is sick, he goes to a doctor in the USA. He illustrates the second type of liberal. These liberals actually realize that their ideology is mass malarkey. They know the truth. They know their policies produce pandemonium. What is happening in Greece and Europe does not surprise them. In fact, that is the goal—create chaos. The real agenda of these lunatic liberals is power and control. They truly desire to be the “rulers” of the world. These narcissists actually believe they are smarter, better, and greater—born to rule. They believe they are the true aristocrats who should rule the world while they rail against the “bourgeoisie” (i.e. the rich) of every nation. No matter what the problem, the villain is always “the rich”—the bourgeoisie versus the proletariat is the essence of the Communist Manifesto class warfare. Communism promises the poor workers an “equal share.”[i]  That sounds similar to Obama’s promises of a “fair share” for the poor workers.

The language should be very familiar because we have been hearing it for the last four years. Obama has made it a central theme of his government. This second type of liberal is deliberately peddling delirium delusions to the masses—whom they believe are gullible. These liberals are the most dangerous threat to our liberties.

Fortunately, a very simple test will reveal which type of liberal you are listening/talking to. Before I reveal the test, certain facts must be understood.