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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tyranny Needs a Tea Party

Mark Levin talks about soft tyranny and gives examples in his book Liberty and Tyranny.[i] However, Obamascare is hard tyranny. It is tyranny greater than our founding fathers faced with the taxation of their tea. Imagine their outrage if King George had ordered them to buy only “King George Tea” at twice the price and half the quality.

The federal government under Obama has dictated what Americans can and cannot do. The tyrant says that you can no longer buy incandescent light bulbs.[ii] That is only example of Obama-tyranny. The EEOC edict protects criminals.[iii]  The EPA uses abusive lawsuits to get their way.[iv] The IRA abuses their power and threatens the Tea Party movement.[v] Not to mention the unknown NSA abuse of power to listen to every American’s phone calls.[vi] These are just a few of a long list of abuses.

But the most outrageous dictatorial decree is that every American must buy a health insurance policy—not just any insurance policy, but only an Obamascare policy.[vii]  If this hard-core, tyrannical edict if left to stand, if the American people do not rise up in opposition, then We the People can expect many more dictatorial edicts with far more devastating effects than Obamascare.

Where is the outrage?

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tyranny and Its Tirade Parade

The lunatic liberal left has felt empowered to force their will upon the rest of America because their president—the tyrant-in-chief—has essentially been making his will the law of the land. Almost every day, he has changed the healthcare law to fit his political agenda.

Obama has used presidential fiat through bureaucratic regulations to by-pass Congress and the will of the people.  He has forced the “nuclear option” in the Senate so that he and liberals can dictate their will through the Federal court system.

Where are the Rhino Republicans? Where is Congress? What has happened to the Constitution? Where is Chief Justice Judas?

Friday, October 4, 2013

Obam—bama Strikes Again

Obam—bama Strikes Again
          Those of my generation may remember Bam-Bam from the Flintstone’s cartoon.  Bam-Bam was Barney Rubble’s son.  He destroyed everything he touched—Bam-Bam. He was a one child wrecking crew. No one could destroy more in less time UNTIL…Obam—bama.

          Obam—bama…and the strongest economic engine in the world is barely sputtering along…This “recovery” is called the “new normal.” Ain’t it grand!

          Obam—bama…and the inflation and unemployment rates go through the roof. The real rates have consistently stayed far above 10%.  Gas prices alone have remained consistently around $3.50 with so indication of a shutdown. This is the greatest unseen tax upon the poor and middle class. And it’s Bush’s fault?

          Obam—bama…and the national debt skyrockets to $17 trillion. The lying, lunatic liberals say we don’t have a debt problem. Oh, really! Oops! There goes another debt ceiling!

          Obam—bama…and the best healthcare system in the world is gone. For decades, millions around the world came to America to receive the best healthcare. Now, Americans are traveling the world searching for “affordable” healthcare.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Party of... We the People

The Party of
We the People

A battle rages to replace those words with “We the Government” and the only hope of stopping the coming tyranny is—“We the People.”

          The Constitution has been trampled by the Obama administration almost every day.[i] The President deliberately defies the will of the people and disregards the limitations of the Constitution.[ii] Liberals have announced their plans to change the Constitution from a Charter of Negative Liberties into a positive Bill of Government Rights.[iii] However, only one voice can stop the domination of the Lying, Lunatic, Liberal Left…We the People.

          Ted Cruz has taken a stand to stop the Obamacare “train wreck”[iv] of abusive autocracy, but the liberals and Rhinos opposed him. Only one civil force can stop the liberal lunacy…We the People.