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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tyranny Needs a Tea Party

Mark Levin talks about soft tyranny and gives examples in his book Liberty and Tyranny.[i] However, Obamascare is hard tyranny. It is tyranny greater than our founding fathers faced with the taxation of their tea. Imagine their outrage if King George had ordered them to buy only “King George Tea” at twice the price and half the quality.

The federal government under Obama has dictated what Americans can and cannot do. The tyrant says that you can no longer buy incandescent light bulbs.[ii] That is only example of Obama-tyranny. The EEOC edict protects criminals.[iii]  The EPA uses abusive lawsuits to get their way.[iv] The IRA abuses their power and threatens the Tea Party movement.[v] Not to mention the unknown NSA abuse of power to listen to every American’s phone calls.[vi] These are just a few of a long list of abuses.

But the most outrageous dictatorial decree is that every American must buy a health insurance policy—not just any insurance policy, but only an Obamascare policy.[vii]  If this hard-core, tyrannical edict if left to stand, if the American people do not rise up in opposition, then We the People can expect many more dictatorial edicts with far more devastating effects than Obamascare.

Where is the outrage?

Can you imagine the outrage in America if the government said every American must buy a Yugo? Remember the ridiculous, substandard car. What would happen if the government said, “Look, it is not fair that millions drive luxury cars while millions have no car at all”? Well, the only “fair” thing to do is give the have-nots a Yugo and demand that everyone else buy only an overpriced and cut-down version of the Yugo.”

Where is the outrage?

Can you imagine if the government ordered every American to buy a house? Their reasoning is the same illogical nonsense. It is not “fair” that millions of people have big nice homes while millions are homeless. Therefore, the only fair thing to do is to announce another government dictate that every American must buy an overpriced and substandard two room cracker-box house so that the lazy and drug crazed can have a home.

Where is the outrage?

What would happen if the government dictated how much you were paid?  After all, it is not “fair” that millions of people have good paying jobs while millions have no job or are underpaid. So, the government dictates how much you can earn while the “excess” of your check would go to support the slothful mind that does not want to hold a job.

Where is the outrage, America!

At least, Constitutional Professor Jonathan Turley at the George Washington University Law School thinks that Obama has become the tyrannical threat that the Constitution was designed to stop.[viii]  This professor is not a right-wing radical. But, where is the outrage over this imperial president?

You don’t think that a complete government takeover of our lives will happen in America! Ask the Germans who lived through Hitler. Ask the Russians who lived through Stalin. Ask the Chinese who lived through Mao. Ask the Cubans trying to escape the PARADISE of Cuba!

How much tyranny is Americans going to tolerate? It should be obvious to the oblivious that once the government begins dictating what Americans can and cannot do, then that government will continue dictating even more.

When government becomes so big that it becomes a self-perpetuating, power-hungry, elitist club, then American freedom and the Constitution are in danger. Politicians have one purpose—to stay in power. To do this they promise the poor prosperity, but deliver bondage while they share the government’s gold with those who invested in their campaigns for office.[ix]

Thomas Jefferson reminds Americans, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”[x]  We know where the tyrants live. But, where are the patriots who are willing to pay the price of freedom?

Where are the millions marching on Washington demanding that the tyrants be run out of office?  The silence is deafening!

Now, put that shoe on the liberal foot.

What would happen if the government demanded that every welfare recipient work for their benefits? There are a million jobs that these folks could do.  Have you ever stood in the grocery line behind a healthy looking person with five shopping carts full of food—all paid for by the taxpayers? If nothing else, they could clean the ditches for five miles either side of their government-paid-for house.  Why—liberals would be outraged! There would be a million welfare recipients marching on the streets of Washington DC demanding their “rights” to the refrigerator of freebies be restored.

What would happen if the government dictated that the unwed mothers remain married or lose their benefits? What if they demanded that they have only one child or lose their benefits? There would be a million irate women marching the streets of Washington DC demanding that their rights to licentious living be restored.

What would happen if the government demanded that the sperm-bank males support every child that they have fathered with 10% of their check for each child?  Remember the reality show about the man with 22 children from 14 women. I personally know many of these dead-beat dads who have fathered more than a dozen children and then brag about living off the welfare checks their children have generated. Make these men support their children and there would be a million dead-beat dads marching on the streets of Washington DC tomorrow, demanding that their profligate rights be restored.

Take away one government welfare program and a million lunatic liberals would flood the streets of Washington DC—marching, screaming, defecating on police cars, and demanding their “rights.”

Where are the conservatives? Where is the outrage over Obamascare tyranny?

While America sleeps, one tyrant in North Korea, by his own personal dictate, put an American veteran in prison.[xi] While America sleeps, another tyrant by-passes Congress, uses bloated bureaucracies to destroy political enemies, exempts political allies from Obamascare, delays implementation of the employer mandate, and continues to demand that Americans sign up or be fined—even if the website does not work properly—even if hackers have open access to everyone’s personal information and identity—even if millions of good policies must be cancelled.

Only a tyrant would spend a billion tax-payer dollars for a website—built by political friends—that does not work!

Only a tyrant would vow to veto any efforts to save five million cancelled policies!

Only a tyrant would delay the employer mandate for a year—hoping to save his Democratic controlled Senate.

Only a tyrant and his Democratic minions would pass a law forcing Americans to buy a product they don’t need and don’t want—at twice the price with half the benefits.

Only a tyrant would use the “AFFORDABLE” Obamascare law to hide a host of new taxes beginning in 2014 that every poor American with a policy must pay![xii]

No, I am not advocating a revolution. But, where is the outrage?

Yes, I am advocating that Americans stand up and vote every lying, lunatic, liberal out of office.  That is our right!

Yes, I am advocating that everyone, who has lost their insurance and, now, must buy a substandard-overpriced policy, march on Washington DC and demand a change. I lost mine and am ready to go at the drop of a hat.

But, don’t pack your bags yet!

Realize that it would actually take 20 to 30 million conservatives marching on Washington to get action.

Realize that you must be willing to stay for more than a day or two.

Realize that thousands might be arrested and jailed.

Is anyone outraged? Is anybody listening? How many would join me?

I am willing. Are you?  If you are, let me know. One by one we can make a difference—We the People must make a difference.  We the People must stand up for the Constitution. We the People must vote the lying, lunatic liberals out of office first, then deal with the Rhino Republicans.

That government is best which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves—Thomas Jefferson.[xiii]

In order for evil to flourish, all that is required is for good men to do nothing—Edmund Burke.[xiv]

My New Year’s wish is that the 2014 election will restore Constitutional liberty to We the People of the United States of America.

The time is ripe.  It is now or never!

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