Join An Army of Committed Conservatives

We the People are FED UP! Are you FED UP with trillion dollar deficits?

Are you FED UP with rising gas prices?

Are you FED UP with politicians making excuses?

Are you FED UP with feeling helpless?

First, Read FED UP because there is something “we the people” can do!

The Platform of Issues

 We the people propose a return to the Constitution:
Liberals within the Federal government have taken upon themselves powers not delegated by the Constitution. We the people propose to return those powers and rights to the citizens of the United States. Candidates that we support will pledge themselves to promote the following issues. They will promise to use every means to make them the law as soon as possible. If they break their promise, they will have signed a contract to repay all money given to their campaigns by the adherents to this website. Those funds will be used to try to defeat them in the next election.

  1. Congress must repeal every lunatic idea of President Obama beginning with healthcare.
  2. Lower taxes across the board: eventually going to the fair tax
  3. Balance the budget every year and pay down the debt immediately: Performance Pay Plan
  4. Reduce the size and scope of government now
  5. Make Congress and all elected or appointed officials—past and present—retire on Social Security
  6. Term Limits
  7. Limit the size and scope of bills before Congress
  8. Energy independence: Drill here, Drill now
  9. Health care reform that makes cents
  10. Environmental safeguards, not Cap and Trade
  11. Illegal Immigration
  12. Recall liberal judges and justices
  13. Promote Freedom Worldwide: no money for our enemies, get out of the UN.
  14. Education Reform: teach our children the Judeo-Christians principles of our Founding Fathers
  15. Investigate the Federal Reserve
  16. Execute a vigorous "War on Terror": Somalia and piracy
  17. Repeal Roe v Wade: Abort Abortion Rights
  18. Moral Conservatism
  19. Gerrymandering: Redraw the lines once and for all.
  20. Outlaw unions of state and federal employees

Within the conservative movement are many brilliant people with practical, proven ideas for dealing with these issues. We the people propose that our elected representatives seek the advice of these experts when dealing with any problem and with transparency involve and listen to the American people.