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First, Read FED UP because there is something “we the people” can do!

The Issues in Detail

These are not in any order of importance. We hope those with better ideas—realistic and practical ideas—will contact us, join us, and share their views. Now is the time to act!



  1. Congress must repeal every lunatic idea of President Obama beginning with healthcare.
  2. Lower taxes across the board: eventually going to the fair tax
  3. Balance the budget every year and pay down the debt immediately: Performance Pay Plan
  4. Reduce the size and scope of government now
  5. Make Congress and all elected or appointed officials—past and present—retire on Social Security
  6. Term Limits
  7. Limit the size and scope of bills before Congress
  8. Energy independence: Drill here, Drill now
  9. Healthcare reform that makes cents
  10. Environmental safeguards, not Cap and Trade
  11. Illegal Immigration: Closing the Door to Thugs and Drugs
  12. Recall liberal judges and justices
  13. Promote Freedom Worldwide: no money for our enemies, get out of the UN.
  14. Education Reform: teach our children the Judeo-Christians principles of our Founding Fathers
  15. Investigate the Federal Reserve
  16. Execute a vigorous "War on Terror": Somalia and piracy
  17. Repeal Roe v Wade: Abort Abortion Rights
  18. Moral Conservatives: Return America to its Biblical Roots
  19. Gerrymandering: Redraw the lines once and for all.
  20. Unions for state and federal employees

Within the conservative movement are many brilliant people with practical, proven ideas for dealing with these issues. We the people propose that our elected representatives seek the advice of these experts when dealing with any problem and with transparency involve and listen to the American people.

Issue #1…Repeal healthcare completely and immediately and all other liberal lunatic laws:

Since the passage of healthcare reform in March of 2010, our next Congress and President must work to repeal immediately and completely this destruction of American's freedom. This is only one of many major changes to rob Americans of our liberties.  

Not only has Obama nationalized the health insurance industry, but also he has taken over GMC and banks on Wall Street. Take these bums off the public dole. Congress must repeal these actions. If GMC fails, then let them sell off their assets to companies that know how to make cars and make money. If the Wall Street banks make dumb decisions and go bankrupt, then let them sell off their assets to other companies that know how to make money. Stop the government trillion-dollar bail outs!

Now the presidents want to disarm America with a new START treaty with the Russians. Obama has introduced a pay Czar, along with dozens of others czars to help him control Americans. Add to these Obamanations dozens of executive orders, whose contents are not completely known. Every action of this Sol Alinsky President must be repealed or countered within the first 100 days of a new Congress.
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Issue #2…Lower taxes across the board on citizens and corporations:

Remember this truth: the more that government taxes, the more government controls.  Taxation is about government controlling people.  The Constitution says that we the people should control the government, not visa versa. The Obama recession will continue for the next 10 years or more unless the next Congress immediately enacts across-the-board tax cuts—for a start, let’s go back to the tax levels under Reagan.

Taxing the rich is a lie because the rich have the resources to avoid all taxes if they want—the super-rich can move from America any time they desire. Our Constitution calls for a taxing system that taxes everyone equally.  Income taxes were unconstitutional until Congress passed the Sixteenth Amendment. Until then Congress could only raise money by tariffs on foreign goods or by sales taxes. We propose that Congress return to that Constitutional mandate by going to the fair tax. However, a limit needs to be set.  We propose a 10% limit.  All taxes—federal, state, and local—that citizens pay should not exceed that limit.  If God can run His business on 10%, then the government can too. This alone would limit the size of government. Yet, government is so bloated that this is not possible, but it can be achieved by starting at the fair tax limits proposed by Neil Bortz and others—then reducing that percentage by one percent each year until it reaches the 10% goal. That 10% should be shared by all levels of government—with local governments getting 4%, state governments getting 3%, and the federal government getting 3%.  If citizens must tighten their belts, then so should Congress learn to tighten its belt.

Raising money by tariffs, contradicts the idea of free trade, which is good in theory like socialism but wrong in practice.  If the whole world were democracies, if all the citizens of the world had a Bill of Rights, if all countries had a government with divided powers like ours; then free trade would be great. However, free trade with tyrants, dictators, and gangsters is a ludicrous system where they get all the advantages and America gets all the disadvantages.  Therefore, we the people propose that tariffs be put on all imported goods that come from countries that do not have a democracy, constitution, and bill of rights like ours. The severity of the tariffs would depend upon how close to our system their tariffs are. If they have a system just like ours, then free trade. If they have a parliament system with true and free elections, then impose a 5% tariff. If they are friendly socialist nations or dictators, then impose a 10% tariff. If they are Communist nations or dictators hostile to use, then impose a 40% tariff.

One advantage of eliminating the present income tax system is that it would take a huge, unbearable burden off businesses within the United States. Jobs are being exported over seas simply because of the huge burden of taxes.  A no-income-tax policy would liberate U.S. businesses to compete with foreign imports.  We the people are tired of seeing "Made in China" on everything.  It is past time to unleash American business.  It is time to make the business climate in America friendly to business. Jobs would return, manufacturing would return, prosperity would return, and consumer confidence would return.

Until the fair tax happens—don't hold your breath—we propose an across the board tax cut like Reagan's. Reduce individual tax rate to Reagan's level with a plan to lower them even further—5% per year until the maximum rate is 10%. Reduce corporate tax rates to Reagan's level with a plan to lower them until the maximum rate is 10%. History proves that tax reduction increases employment, improves the economy, and cause more tax revenues to pour into Washington's coffers. Investigate the Laffer curve.

To make America the most business friendly nation in the world, we need to lower our corporate tax structure. For example: mom and pop farms and stores with an income up to ten million dollars per year would pay a corporate tax of 5%. Small to medium businesses with income between 10 to 50 million dollars and with all their products and employees being home-grown would pay a 10% corporate tax rate. Larger businesses with incomes between 50 to 100 million dollars and with all their products and employees being home-grown would pay a 15% corporate tax rate. Very large businesses with incomes over 100 million dollars/year and with all their products and employees home-grown would pay a 20% corporate tax rate. For companies of any size who import their products or have employees overseas, then those companies with pay a corporate tax according to their size with the addition of a 2% tax rate added for each 5% of employees or imports that are overseas. For example: a billion dollar corporation that import all their products and have all their employees overseas would pay the 20% rate for size plus and 40% added rate—a total of 60%.  This type tax policy would encourage our manufacturing companies to return home to employ Americans and to build more products with the label “Made in the United States.”

If God runs His worldwide religious enterprise on a tax rate of 10%, then we the people will vote the bums out every election, until government learns to live on its income level—like we all do. After all, our money does not say, "In Government We Trust." We the people still trust in God more than government and want liberals to keep their filthy fingers off our money. IT 'S OUR MONEY, NOT YOURS!
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Issue #3…Balance the budget and pay off the debt:

Million dollar deficits are irresponsible, billion dollar deficits are inexcusable, but trillion dollar deficits are criminal. Liberals—Republicans and Democrats—who have promoted uncontrollable spending should be charged with theft. They are stealing from the economy today and from our children and grandchildren's future.  Most people cannot imagine a billion dollars, much less a trillion. A billion seconds ago was almost 32 years; a hundred billion seconds ago was before David was king of Israel; a trillion seconds ago was over 31,000 years ago—a very long time before Adam was created. Yet, Congress spends hundreds of billions of dollars and trillions of dollars as if they were pennies.

We the people propose that Congress be held responsible. We will sponsor legislation that says that if Congress does not balance the budget, then their pay and all benefits including retirement will be cut until the budget is balanced. (Read the FED UP article) This should get their attention. If Congress fails, then we the people will vote in a whole new Congress.
Along with the deficit, a specific percent of the national debt should be paid off each year—until we are no longer a debtor nation, but a creditor nation. If Congress cannot reduce the debt by 5% a year, then their pay and benefits should be reduced by 5% a year until the debt is paid off. With good reason, we the people are frightened when an enemy—the Communist nation of China—owns so much of our debt.

Another sinister aspect of the deficit is the Federal Reserve, which has never been audited nor given a report to Congress.  Liberals have created a scapegoat when the economy goes south.  It's the Fed's fault. However, the Constitution—the forgotten document of liberals—specifically gives Congress the responsibility to coin money and regulate its value. Most liberals have proven they don't know the basics about running a shoe shine business, much less a trillion dollar economy. So, they have forsaken their Constitutional duty. Even worse, Congress has increased their crime by never holding the quasi-government bureaucracy to account—actually it is privately owned and we the people do not know who owns it.  We the people propose that the Federal Reserve must be audited yearly, that it must give quarterly reports to Congress, and that these reports must be made public.

One final ingredient to financial health is inflation—the hidden tax upon the poor and working class.  You can save all your life, but unless your savings grow at a rate much larger than inflation, then your savings are going to be worth less at retirement. What if we have a repeat of Carter's inflation rates of 10% or more. Just a couple years of hyperinflation would make forty years of retirement savings worthless. Therefore, we the people propose that if inflation is over 5%, then Congress and the President and all federally appointed employees must take a cut in their pay and benefits that is two times the rate of inflation. I should not take them long to control inflation.

We the people believe it is time for the federal government to tighten their belts or else lose their shirts.
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Issue #4…Reduce the size and scope of government: read the Constitution:

The reason that the federal budget is out of control is that liberals know no limit to the number of bureaucracies they can create with an endless maze of bureaucratic red tape. The number of give-away programs is mindboggling, and the oversight is non-existent—as ACORN illustrates.

Most of the federal budget goes to social and welfare programs. We the people realize that these cannot be eliminated immediately neither are we heartless because we believe in helping the needy.  However, millions of welfare recipients, who could work, should be given some type of community service and training until they can take care of themselves. The Bible encourages helping widows too old to work and orphans too young to work. However, hundreds of millions, perhaps billions, of tax dollars are wasted on fraud—individuals getting one or more checks that they do not deserve. Even so, Congress has no interest in oversight because liberals want more and more dependent voters crying for more help. Yet, using a fingerprint base for all welfare and Social Security recipients would easily find and eliminate the fraudulent double payments. By the way, using fingerprints to vote would eliminate voter fraud. Are our leaders really so dumb that they don’t know this would work? Do they even want to eliminate fraud? Are you catching on! Who is the real sucker?

Rather than government boondoggles of endless waste, we the people propose using tax incentives or credits to create the desired results. Take for example Social Security. For over 60 years, Social Security has been a "legalized" shell game. In the beginning, about seventeen workers helped to support one retiree. What did the government do with the excess money? Did they put it into a "lock box"? No, they spent it on every lunatic liberal fraud and waste program that they could imagine. Now, Social Security is going bankrupt because three workers now support one retiree.  When two workers support one retiree, the system will be bankrupt and liberals have only three solutions: raise taxes or lower benefits or both. Liberals have totally vilified the only real solution, which is to privatize Social Security.

On the other hand, imagine what a different outcome we would have if in the beginning of the program the government had set up a system of tax incentives and credits similar to the IRAs of today. They could have passed a law that simply said every citizen will set up their own Roth IRA and must contribute to it 10% of their income. If a citizen did not want that, then they would have had to pay a FICA tax as we do today. What would have been the results of using this type of tax incentives? First, most citizens would have chosen the Roth IRAs. Second, Congress would have saved hundreds of billions of dollars on creating a blotted bureaucracy to handle Social Security. Do you know how much is spent on the bureaucracy today? Cato Institute says about $10 per worker per year. That is probably a low estimate, but it is still about one billion dollars a year. Hey, a billion saved is a billion earned, according to Benjamin Franklin. Third, retirees would have a much larger retirement check. Do the math! If you had put only $1000 a year into a Roth IRA for 45 years, then you would have a monthly check of about $1083. If you had worked for only minimum wages for those 45 years, your retirement pay would have been about $1,345 per month. However, take the amount of money that you and your employer have had to put into Social Security (FICA) and that monthly amount will grow astronomically. Fourth, you would have hundreds of thousands of dollars to pass on to your children or favorite charity. Right now, from the Social Security fund, your family gets nada, zero, nothing to leave your family. Fifth, instead of a $200 burial fee, you would have had plenty of money for funeral expenses. Why didn’t FDR and the Democrats set it up like that? It was an unbelievably large slush fund for all their liberal projects. It was an endless supply of money. All they had to do was put a worthless IOU on record and take the money. Who had to pay the IOU? Look in the mirror, stupid. Do you really believe that they didn’t know this was a Ponzi scheme? Get another mirror!

What is the difference? A liberal view compared to a conservative view. Liberals know that taxation means control. For thousands of years, taxation has been used by conquering nations to control the conquered mass of people. So, who won the Revolutionary War—government or we the people? Who are the conquered that liberals want to control? We the people won the War for Independence, and we the people propose to vote out all the lying, lunatic liberals until the conservative value of freedom is restored.  You will know when you are finally free by the amount of taxes you pay. The total tax load for each citizen should never exceed 10%—federal, state, and local combined. Otherwise, you have lost a lot of the freedom our Founding Fathers had.  How much was their tax load? How much was the tax load on the peons in the feudal system of the dark ages? Would you believe 33%? How much are you paying? How much is the average American paying?

Yet, the liberal-created dilemma remains. How do we correct this Ponzi scheme? Maddoff is in jail today for doing what Congress has done—taking money from one fund and spending it on another. Yet, liberal Congressmen walk the streets as free men while citizens are enslaved to this debt. How do we make Social Security solvent? Hardworking, honest workers have paid into the system for years, yet liberals know only one solution: reduce benefits to the old and raise taxes on the young. They deny it, but they offer no other solutions.  Well, it is for sure that liberal-ideas are bankrupt. However, conservatives such as Newt Gingrich have proposed workable solutions. Conservatives will keep the promise made to their elder workers while at the same time freeing the young workers from an intolerable tax burden and debt. Therefore, we the people propose that Congress, the President, the Supreme Court, and all federal employees appointed by Congress must return their Cadillac retirement funds into the Social Security fund and retire on Social Security payments until Social Security is solvent for all workers.

Since liberals within Congress desire to expand the size and scope of government to include housing, jobs, healthcare, and an endless litany of secondary rights, we the people propose that Congress hold its legislation only to those things enumerated within the Constitution. READ THE CONSTITUTION! Read Article 4, section 2. A major portion of this section is about providing for the common defense by providing for an adequate military. Yet, liberals will drastically cut spending in this area while diverting the money to liberal bridges to nowhere or tunnels for turtles. However, when conservatives try to cut the rapid growth of social programs, the lying, lunatic liberals use every libelous slander to discredit them. Liberals in Congress have forsaken these enumerated powers in search for absolute control. They truly want to micromanage every facet of our lives by taxation, regulations, and red tape.

Therefore, we the people will vote out the lying, lunatic liberal bums until Congress returns to properly and faithfully executing its Constitutional powers.
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Issue #5…Congress must retire on Social Security:

Once conservatives have enough power, the first thing on the agenda is to pass a law that says that all elected and appointed officials—both federal and state—both past and present and future—shall retire on Social Security.  This law must also state that any law that Congress passes must apply to Congress itself first. For decades, they have passed laws that robbed Americans of their liberty while they conveniently put an exemption in the laws for themselves.

Putting elected officials on Social Security retirement is the best way of insuring that the program will not go bankrupt in a few short years, of insuring that promises are kept to our elderly, and of insuring that our youth have a solvent system that they can depend upon.

The lying, lunatic liberals have almost put the system into a financial nosedive from which there is no escape. However, the conservatives of America also possess some of the finest minds and best ideas to cope with the problem. The Yankee ingenuity that brought Apollo 13 back to earth from a near disaster can also devise common sense solutions that make “cents.” Solutions that won't bankrupt America, that won't reduce benefits, that won't raise taxes, that won't loot future generations and leave them with nothing, and that won't lie!

Social Security is the biggest socialist Ponzi scheme in American history—until healthcare was passed. If any business owner did what Congress has done—take money from workers under one pretense, and then spend it on something else—then that owner would have spent the rest of his life in jail for fraud.  However, forgetful Americans reward Congress—and they reward themselves with ever more benefits.
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Issue #6…Term Limits:

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and Congress is the epitome of absolute corruption. Once in power, Congressmen depend on the power of their office to keep them in office. Many of them may have had good intentions, but years of rubbing elbows with legalized thieves and cutthroat bandits begins to pay off. Many of these Congressmen come into office with little real wealth, but most of them leave as multimillionaires.

There is not enough time or space to recall the scandals of Washington, but the remedy is short and sweet—term limits. If two terms is good enough for a president, then it should be good enough for Congress.  In fact, all public offices should be limited to two terms. After all, millions of qualified candidates exist, but they simply do not want to fight the system to gain the job. This could solve the social security problem. Keep electing a new set of congressional representatives every two years and let them leave as millionaires or with million dollar jobs at some top corporation.

This will take an amendment to the Constitution, but if conservatives gain seats in Congress as well as state legislatures, then this can be achieved. However, until that amendment is made law, our candidates will not follow a self-imposed term limit. We need them in Congress to fight for this right however long it may take. If these candidates betray our trust, then we the people will impose term limits by voting the bums out.
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Issue #7…Limit the Size and Scope of Bills before Congress: (Read the Bills)

Congress has recently demonstrated that they do not read many of the bills that come before them. We the people propose that every bill should be limited to one issue, that all earmarks be voted on in separate bills, and that every bill must be read before each house of Congress before it is voted upon.

Creating bills that are over a thousand pages long is the height of confusion and stupidity—unless the purpose is to keep ordinary people from reading and understanding what is really in our bills.  If God could give all the instructions that all of humanity needed in ten simple-to-understand commandments, surely Congress can learn that brevity is the height of wisdom. If the Continental Congress could write the Declaration of Independence in less than 2000 words, then surely Congress can learn how to edit their verbiage. The Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights are the epitome of common sense and great wisdom combined into a readable and understandable and concise document. Can you imagine how long these documents would be if our present day Congress had to write them? The tens of thousands of pages within the IRS code alone illustrates that stupid is as stupid does.

We the people are simple, hardworking folk who believe that Congress should work hard to make their laws as simple as possible. We will support candidate who will pledge to simplify the tax code and all laws. We propose that all bills will be read—word for word—in Congress. We believe that any bill worth its merit can be and should be clearly defined in as few words as possible—KISS, keep it short stupid!

We also propose that bills should take up only one issue at a time. Eliminate all the amendments and backroom deals to get someone’s vote. We have watched as Congress has filled the healthcare bill, stimulus bill, and defense bills with pork barrel projects just to win approval of their home districts.  We the people propose that each type of bill stand or fall on its own merits.

Another problem with the system is earmarks. Even after a bill is passed, then Congress adds thousands of earmarks with millions of dollars to help certain members of Congress be re-elected. Therefore, we the people propose that a law or Constitutional amendment be written that limits bills to one specific issue and that all earmarks or amendments be eliminated.
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Issue #8…Energy Independence: Drill here, drill now.
Two separate ingredients came together to create the recent economic downturn. The first ingredient was intervention of liberals in Congress and by a past president to force lending institutions to lend mortgage money to people who would not normally qualify. These forced loans are another example of lunatic liberal ideas that do far more damage than good because when millions of people could no longer pay the mortgages and when banks overloaded in these debts began to go bankrupt, the economy took a nosedive with the stock exchange falling from near 12,000 to below the 8000 level. The ripple effect was enormous. Rather than using the proven conservative remedy of tax cuts, liberals proposed more and more lunatic spending. For the first time in our history, liberals have spent almost two trillion dollars they do not have—creating another future catastrophe.

The second ingredient was the refusal of liberals in Congress to allow drilling in Alaska and off the shores of the east and west coasts. So, the price of a barrel of oil began to rise above the $100 level, finally reaching the $150 level. As a result, the price of a gallon of gasoline went from under two dollars a gallon to almost five dollars a gallon. This resulted in citizens holding onto their money, not spending on extras, and spending much more of their disposable income on gasoline. The end result was a spiraling fall in the economy. Was this a natural phenomenon? No. It was the result of lunatic liberal policy that forbids drilling.  The United States has enough resources to be energy independent.

While allowing private enterprise (not government boondoggles) to develop alternative sources of energy, we the people propose that Congress immediately allow drilling for oil along the coasts and in Alaska, along with the building of new refineries.  If we can send men to the moon in ten years, then our goal is for America to become energy independent within ten years. If they refuse, then we the people will vote the lying, lunatic liberals out until America becomes energy independent.

The real statistics about our natural reserves are staggering. We have no idea how much oil lies off the west and east coasts. Yet, our oil, coal, and natural gas reserves could last hundreds of years--the truth is we do not know how much resources we have. 

There is nothing wrong with developing alternative energy sources, but let private enterprise pay. Government could offer a tax free 10 million dollar reward plus royalties for anyone who can develop an energy source cheaper and better than gas, oil, or coal. The secret to success is allowing the free market place and competition to regulate supply and demand.

While the government wastes billions of tax dollars on developing a total electric car, the car companies have cars that run on natural gas—but they are only sold overseas. Why not here? Natural gas is a real solution that is inexpensive to implement. Why does not government push that solution? It is basically because of the global warming hoax. Liberals have declared war on the oil industry. They will accept no solution that has oil, gas, or coal. 

However, a more sinister reason that liberals push global warming is control. Government has revealed that they want America to be like the rest of the third world—so poor that we cannot resist their control. Many liberals in Washington have said that they would welcome five to ten dollar per gallon gas. At that point, just driving to work would take a huge part of our incomes. Such a radical rise in gasoline would cause inflation to skyrocket, making food prices and every product connected to gasoline rise to astronomical levels.
Is the electric car really the answer? The technology does not exist yet to make this practical. Being raised on the farm has given me some insights into the practicality of the electric car. There is an issue that the news media has never addressed--or deliberately ignored. That question is this: How many batteries does it take to run an electric car? How long is the battery life--two years--five years? How much do these batteries cost? I have never heard one news report on that. If these batteries are like most batteries, their lifetime is usually not more than five years. I am only guessing, but I imagine it will cost anywhere from two to five thousand dollars just to replace the batteries--if these are "special-made" batteries, then the cost could be higher. Now, who is going to spend that much money every few years just to keep their electric car going? 

In fact, a whole host of problems face the battery life in an electric car--such as cold weather. Yet, not one liberal media outlet has talked about how easy it would be to convert most of our cars to natural gas. This whole issue is a liberal shell game--another ponzi scheme.

There are a whole host of simple solutions that make sense. Recent fields of discovered oil and natural gas need to be developed--like those in Alaska. But, even more recent finds are in North Dakota and Louisiana. Also, the president could allow thousands of permit to wells in the gulf that were shut down during the moratorium. Just the other day, as gasoline prices topped $3.30 across America, the president allowed one--that's right--and only one permit to be issued. He should be allowing a thousand permits a week for drilling, exploration, and development, until the gas prices return to a $2.00 level. But that is exactly what liberals don't want.

Another easy solution is to encourage a new generation of nuclear energy plants to be built. Instead, we are waiting for the wind to start turning thousands of wind chargers. The liberal media never ask the obvious question: which is cheaper to produce--electricity from chargers or electricity from nuclear plants? What liberals don't want you to know is that coal is the cheapest form of energy. Therefore, the only realistic place to put a million wind chargers is in Washington D.C. because the liberal hot air blows there 24/7.

The sad truth is that liberals in Washington do not want a solution--they want red tape and control. Yet, we the people are the real solution and we have enough numbers to march on Washington D.C. and cry, “Drill, baby, drill!” If they ignore us, we can and should go the polls and vote the lying, lunatic, liberal bums out—this time, next time, and every election following. Remember when gas was $1.00 a gallon? I remember when it exploded from around 30 cents to over a dollar under Carter. I was mad then and still haven't gotten over it! Looks like a greater than Carter has arrived. Do we really have to just take it?

We the people cannot forget our best solution!
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Issue #9…Healthcare reform that makes cents:

The recent healthcare debate illustrates a couple things: first, that liberal ideas are bankrupt and will bankrupt our nation; second, that when the citizens see through the lunatic schemes and demand that Congress represent them, liberals within Congress will ignore the will of the people.

Liberals tried to force a healthcare bill through Congress before the people could even read it. Once this failed, liberals began to back step, sidestep, and blame their critics. Now, they determined to contradict the will of the people and passed healthcare reform before the end of 2009.

Yet, conservatives have screamed to try to get any effective reforms passed. Many common sense measures would drastically help improve the healthcare industry. At every step, liberals within Congress rebuffed conservative ideas— such as portability, insuring pre-existing conditions, insurance competition across state line, tort reform, and health saving accounts for anyone. We have a shortage of doctors, yet medical schools turn away thousands of willing applicants each year. We the people propose that common sense measures be implemented, before Congress destroys one-sixth of the nation's economy.
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Issue #10…Environmental Safeguards: Not Cap and Trade:

We the people believe that global warming caused by human activity is a hoax. Yet the environmentalists have pushed their left-wing, Marxist agenda onto our nation. In spite of temperatures cooling within the last ten years, environmentalists warn that planetary destruction will happen within ten years if government does not take drastic action. Every thirty to forty years these lunatics change their tune.  When I was young, they declared a global ice age was coming in twenty years if government did not act. They said glaciers would cover New York City, but forty-five years later few remember those lunatic lies. Now, it is global warming: IT'S A CON GAME!

Right now, many farmers in California are losing everything because some lunatic judge thinks a minnow has more rights than hardworking farmers. Across the nation, horror stories abound as one landowner after another is deprived of the right to manage their property in the name of some extinct species.

To make matters worse, the President and Congress have proposed a Cap and Trade law that would turn the American economy into a third world slum. While the real polluters in India, Russia, and China do nothing (Did you notice the masks and smog during the Olympic Games in China?), American businesses and anyone who uses energy will be taxes out of existence.  In an ironic twist that would make Karl Marx laugh, George Soros—the hypocrite who wants socialism in America, yet made billions of dollars as a capitalist—will have exclusive rights to be the broker for all the environmental credits, giving him even more billions of dollars to donate to lunatic liberal ideas and to help elect politicians who want to enslave America.

Saving the environment means voting the lying, lunatic, liberal bums out. Have you not notice the “blue haze” surrounding the liberals?
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Issue #11…Illegal Immigration: Closing the Door to Thugs and Drugs:

Politicians—both Republicans and Democrats—have done everything possible to encourage illegal immigrants. Crossing the border illegally has no harmful consequences to the criminals—and that is what they are. Try crossing the border illegally into Mexico and see how many years you spend in jail. However, the consequences to law-abiding citizens add up to billions of dollars.

A simple solution does exist. Just fine the employers of illegal aliens over $100,000 per employee. Now to enforce this law, merely give a 10% reward per illegal alien to citizens who give ICE accurate information about employers. The beauty of this plan is that the federal government will not have to arrest, imprison, or even export these aliens back home. Employers will refuse to hire them, and illegals will walk back across the border and try to obtain a legal green card. This plan will cost the government NOTHING. It will not take years, it will not take millions of bureaucrats, and it will not take billions of dollars to stop the problem.  After the first few employers have had to pay millions of dollars in fines, the lucrative business of hiring illegal aliens will come to a screeching halt.

If this were a law, legal citizens could make a cool million dollars easily from the rewards. We know of dozens of locations like deserted school building that are used to house dozens of illegals. We could retire in just one year and it would not cost the government a dime.  In fact, maybe we could use the money from the fines to make social security solvent again.  After all, many of these illegals are not only working for less because they work for cash, but also many are collecting government SS checks at the same time. (A fingerprint database for Social Security recipients would save billions in fraud.)

It will not take a 2000 page omnibus bill. It will not take trillions of dollars. Nor will it take miles of fence. I am not for building a fence to keep out the illegals. The right type of fence is needed in places, but not along every mile. If we build a fence along every mile, then leave large enough gaps that can be unguarded so that millions of illegal immigrants can walk back to the People's Paradise of Mexico.

Illegal immigration also includes the issue of illegal drugs and the thugs who are mule-hauling it across the border. The door must be closed, and I doubt that a trillion dollar fence will work—unless the top is equipped with automatic machine guns that will fire when someone get to the top.

We do have a military option to close that border and we must use it. Put Army units who are on constant “training drills” with direct order to shoot a warning shot over the heads of illegals. Put signs along the border that say “Warning—Armed Forces in War Games.” If illegals ignore the warnings, then give the troops orders to shoot anyone crossing the border. The Army can use armed drones to fly constant “war games” along the border. Use every inch possible as a bombing practice range for planes. Have guns firing and bombs dropping constantly.

Because the drug cartel violence along the border has reached into the U.S., it is past time to let the President of Mexico know that if he does not stop the violence entering our land that we will invade and bulldoze every inch of land fifty miles within Mexico. We will then allow no one to enter that barren strip, which will be constantly used as a “war games” practice area. If Mexico protested or attacked us, I would consider it necessary to conquer all of Mexico, drive the inhabitants into South America, and let Mexico become the fifty-first state. Radical? What is happening right now to ranchers and border patrol personel and American citizens along that border is more than radical! Radical? Tens of thousands dying just inside the Mexican border is beyond radical! Radical? I personally know of a father who has a son buried in an unknown grave somewhere inside Mexico. Radical? He died crying because he did not know where his son was. Radical? What if that happened to you? OK. Let me be a little too honest.

We must face the reality that it is our drug addiction that is driving the violence and drugs. To counter our problem, I recommend that a government ad and education programs constantly show the graphic details of Mexican violence and remind our drug users that “their joint” just cost someone their life. Remind the heroin and cocaine users that their “snort” helped by for the training and execution of the Al Qaeda nineteen hijackers who flew the planes into the Twin Towers, Pentagon, and Pennsylvania field.

Along with an education and ad program, I would favor a law that makes it illegal to be a member of any gang that is involved in drugs and violence. That means that if one member of a gang commits a crime of selling or smuggling drugs or robbery or murder, then every member of that gang will be arrested as an accomplice to the crime. The punishment must be greater than their reward.  The punishment must fit the crime…thousands dying. What is one life worth? Another “joint”! American “social drug users” must be hit hard with the facts—it’s called tough love. Americans involved in any form of drug trafficing must be put in jail until they rot. Those who finance it must be considered guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to a lifetime for each kilo of drugs smuggled. It’s called justice!

Personally, I am for buying an island in the middle of the Pacific where these criminals are put for a lifetime. You do not have to spend one dime for guards. Let the navy constantly guard the island while conducting “war games” in the area. They act like animals; let them live like animals on that island.

I am being a little facetious. If you read this far, then you realize that amnesty for illegals every few years does not work. You realize that open borders are a clear and present danger. You are tired of lame-brained liberal ideas that make the problems worse. So, we are really just looking for real and workable solutions, and we believe someone has those ideas. We believe that if our leaders cannot find such answers then we simply need to vote the bums out until someone finds a solution.
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Issue #12…The Right to Recall Federal Judges:

Liberals have always used the courts to achieve their goals whenever they could not get Congress to act. This con game goes back decades. Congress acts as if they are outraged when judges legislate from the bench, but they never raise a gavel to stop it. It is all an act to deceive voters. They claim that they had no idea that the judges they appointed for life were radicals waiting for an opportunity to dictate their wills over we the people. Yet, behind closed doors they are glad that judges have made law where they were afraid because they knew the consequences would end their careers.

The remedy is simple. We cannot impeach them because they have not done anything that is impeachable.  However, we the people can demand a law—or better yet, a Constitutional amendment—that declares that when judges dictate from the bench, that then we the people can recall and revoke their appointments. It should only take a petition of 20% of those who actually voted in the last election to put that judges name on a ballot with the vote to be taken within the year. If it is a regional judge, then just the voters of that region would vote. If it is a Supreme Court Justice, then the whole nation would vote.  If that person loses the election, then the President and Senate would appoint another judge.

I still like the Founding Father's idea that judges should be appointed by Congress; however, not one of them deserves a lifetime appointment without the people's approval. We the people should have the right to revoke their appointment at anytime.  After all, who is the final authority under the Constitution—we the judges or we the people?

In fact, this recall amendment should include all elected or appointed officials. The fear of being recalled from the Senate within the year might make them a little bit more friendly toward their constituents, they might just listen when a majority of voters call saying we don't want healthcare, and they might be a little more thoughtful about their oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States.

Another part of this law or amendment should state that all federal judges—district, circuit, and supreme—should come before the people for a vote. Every two years, one fourth of the judges would come up for a vote. The vote would be a simple “yes” the can stay or “no” they must be replaced. Citizens would vote upon the judges within their jurisdiction. You would vote for only those judges in your district or only those within your circuit. Everyone would vote for two of the Supreme Court justices with the final fourth term having three justices being approved or disapproved.
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Issue #13…Promote Freedom Worldwide:

Socialists and Marxists have worked hard for over 100 years to destroy freedom and enslave millions of people. America has been the Pearl of Great Price that they have sought to destroy. With the recent takeover of Congress by Democrats and the election of Obama, liberals have been giddy with excitement imagining that their utopian dreams are now within reach.

I hate to be a doomsdayer, but if conservatives cannot change Congress in 2010, and if they do not overturn all the damage liberals have done, then America will collapse like the Soviet Union did—under a mountain of debt.  The figures are staggering. Over a trillion dollars in deficit spending is projected each year into the near future. Can anyone really imagine what one trillion dollars is? I can't. With our national debt going beyond 14 trillion dollars in the near future and with a trillion dollar interest payment just to finance the debt, how can anyone imagine such a debt? This is what we have been told, and in all honesty, it is putting a cloud of fear over America's future. But, what you have not been told is the unpublished debt of Social Security and Medicare. The IOU's of Congress—which is a debt that has to be paid—is over 100 trillion dollars. It is beyond scary!

All of this debt is on purpose, and that purpose is collapse and control. The lying, lunatic liberals, who have promised Americans the moon and piled up a debt beyond our ability to pay, have but one objective—to collapse America and her freedoms and to control what is left.

Therefore, we the people—who want to remain free—must promote freedom here in America, first and foremost.  We must elect candidates who will promote free enterprise, not destroy it. The rights of the people, for the people, and by the people must be restored. Conservatives within state legislature must arise and claim state's rights and demand that the Federal government butt out. The overgrown, bloated Federal bureaucracy and government takeover must be limited to the rights given it in the Constitution.

Nancy Pelosi sneered, "Are you kidding?" when asked where in the Constitution did she or Congress have the right to force people to buy healthcare. The days of sneering at the Constitution of we the people is over. We must and we will vote the lying, lunatic liberals out—hopefully forever.

Once we reclaim our God-given rights and freedoms, then America must become the city on the hill that Reagan proclaimed. We must promote freedom and liberty worldwide—this is our legacy, this is our obligation, and this is our destiny.

Foreign aid must be limited to only our friends who have a democratic form of government. However, our real goal should be to establish democracies like ours…with a Constitution like ours…with a Bill of Rights like ours. We conquered the Nazis of Germany, but why do they have a puny parliamentarian system that our Founding Fathers rejected.  Why don't they have a Constitution and Bill of Rights like ours? We conquered the cruel Japanese empire, but why don't they have a Constitution and Bill of Rights like ours?  I tell you why. The reason is that the socialist planners did not want these people to ever know the power and freedom that our Constitution and Bill of Rights gives because these lunatic liars want to control these countries and a parliament systems makes it so much easier. When the Soviet Socialist Republic of Russia collapsed under Reagan's plans, why was not America there offering the liberated masses a Constitution and Bill of Rights just like ours?  Again, the socialist planners did not want the masses of Russian people with more land mass and more natural resources than America to ever experience the power and freedom of a Constitution and Bill of Rights. When our soldiers defeated Saddam Hussein and liberated millions of Iraqis, why did we not give this nation a Constitution and Bill of Rights just like ours? Again, the socialist planners did not want this oil rich country to ever experience the power and freedom that our Constitution and Bill of Rights will give.

So many blunders in international affairs have been made that defy logic, reason, or common sense. Only two options explain the lunacy: either these politicians are the greatest idiots in history or they have deliberately betrayed our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We the people will never be truly free until we deal with the source of treason within our own country—liberalism.

We the people must recognize that we have an enemy within our nation. They are not patriots; they are traitors.  Our desire should not be revenge, but simply to vote the lying, lunatic, loudmouthed, lily-livered, limousine-lazy liberals out. They must be defeated at the ballot box…again…and again…and again.

Once we the people have secured liberty for ourselves and our posterity, then we can promote freedom worldwide.  We can watch as other nations, nationalities, and races of human beings—once bound by tyrants, dictators, and socialism—know what it means to enjoy the God-given rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

This means that We the People of the United States must withdraw from the United Nations as soon as possible because its constitution is based upon socialism, Marxist tyranny, and the liberal lunatic lies.  Tell them to build their temple to human slavery in Russia or China or Cuba or Venezuela.  We don't need it. We don't want it. We are tired of paying for stupidity crowned as an emperor without clothing.
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Issue #14…Educational Reform:

Only one real problem exits within our educational system.  It is not the need for more money, better teachers, or more regulations. IT IS GOVERNMENT MEDDLING. Note carefully the dates when the Federal government began to meddle in our schools, and you will see a corresponding decline begin in the achievement test scores of our schools. At first, it was the Supreme Court legislating rules for school improvement. Then, Congress began to meddle.

The problem with the No Child Left Behind Act is not teacher performance, nor student performance, nor school administration. IT IS GOVERNMENT MEDDLING. The government demands teachers to do what no teacher can do. They demand schools to do what no school can do. They demand students do what no student can do.  For example, what if Congress demanded that all basketball players play at the skill level of Michael Jordan? Would this make our teams better? Would this make our players better? Would this make our coaches better?  Of course not! Yet, that is exactly what Congress has demanded of schools, teachers, and students.

Thomas Jefferson had the best idea for education—an idea that liberals seem to have forgotten, although they act like Jefferson's words are almost Scripture. Thomas Jefferson said that every child should have a free education.  However, he said that no child should be made to go to school.  In other words, he believed every parent and every child had the right to be stupid if that is what they wanted. Liberals have demanded that education be "dumbed down" until everyone is stupid. A return to Jefferson's wisdom would solve our educational problems.  If parents want stupid children, then let them. If students want to be stupid, then let them. If they can get a better education by themselves, then let them.  But, they should have the freedom of choice. If local school boards want stupid students, then let them.

The right and power of education must be returned to the local level.  Let the local schools decide what they want. Let parents decide where they want to sent their children. Give them vouchers to home school, send their children to private schools, or attend any public school that they want.  Give them liberty!

Liberals have successfully taken control of our schools and turned them into propaganda centers. Students are taught that humans can stop global warming, yet they are taught that this world evolved by a process far beyond human control.  Does anyone see a contradiction here? Does anyone see propaganda? Yet, let a teacher contradict the gods of global warming or offer an alternative like creation and his teaching license will be revoked before dawn. Does anyone see a contradiction here? Does anyone see propaganda?

We the people must return the power and right of education to the parent first, and to the local level secondly. We the people must vote into office conservatives who will close the federal Department of Education and demand that if government takes tax money for education, then they must also give a tax voucher to parents to send their children wherever they want.

Competition alone will improve school performance, teacher performance, and student performance. However, if someone wants to be stupid, then let them.  Remember, American schools have for decades been producing some of the world's greatest thinkers, inventors, scientists, and statesmen. From the foundation of our nation, our schools have outperformed the world. This world ranking propaganda is a bunch of garbage. 39th!!! You got to be kidding me! Whose factories have been producing goods that the world wants? OURS! It was liberal lies that made it easy for slave labor in China to put hardworking Americans out of work. Whose farms have been feeding the world? OURS! It was a liberal judge who put millions of farm families in California out of business. You name what the world has wanted, and we have been producing it, inventing it, imagining it, and creating it for over two hundred years. These Americans got their knowledge from somewhere. If it wasn't our schools, then it was in America where we still have the freedom to dream and be anything you want to be. Where else in the world can you get that kind of education? Well, move there, then!

We the people must confront the propaganda of the lunatic, lying liberals with the simple truth. Sadly, our children are no longer taught the self-evident truths that our Founding Fathers knew would profoundly affect our nation for the better. Many students hardly know who the Founding Fathers were, much less what they knew and believed and taught and tried to pass on.

We the people have the obligation to teach these things to our children. If the government gets in the way, then we must put government in its place. Read the Constitution…teach it to your children.  Read the last or tenth Bill of Right…"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people"  Let me paraphrase: "Congress, President, Supreme Court, or a million bureaucrats, keep your dirty, grubby hands off my rights. We the people control our lives, our liberty, and our destiny. Butt out, NOW AND FOREVER!!!"
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Issue #15…Investigate the Federal Reserve:

This privately owned, quasi-governmental agency has never given a single financial report to Congress, who created this monstrosity and who should oversee it. The Federal Reserve has never been audited, but Congress should demand a yearly audit. Congress has no idea who owns the Federal Reserve. Congress has no idea how much money these insiders have been making. Congress has been completely derelict in their duty, and we the people demand a change.

The Federal Reserve was created as a scapegoat for Congress because the Constitution states that one of the duties of Congress is to coin and regulate the value of money. After many decades of mismanagement that caused recessions and depressions, Congress decided to pass the buck by creating the Federal Reserve to manage the money of America.  So, when America has a recession or depression, Congress has a ready-made scapegoat. When financial institutions go bankrupt or our currency becomes worthless or the stock market crashes, Congress has a ready-made scapegoat. At such times, Congress calls the chairman up before their Congressional committee, and before the TV cameras they demand—on behalf of the people—to know who, what, and why. After creating a great public display of denigrating the culprit, they then meet privately and secretly with these comrades at the Congressional bar for a drink and a few laughs—at our expense.

We the people demand openness and transparency. Congress must demand a yearly audit of the books of the Federal Reserve. Since those books have never been audited, then the first audit must include all those forgotten years. Congress must demand a public record of the owners. Congress must pass laws that will make the inner workings of the Federal Reserve completely transparent to we the people.

Congress has proven that they have a first grade knowledge of money and financial matters. Nevertheless, we the people demand that Congress take back their Constitution duty and begin to "coin money" and to "regulate the value" of our currency. Not only must Congress eliminate the Federal Reserve system, but also they must return to a gold standard for our currency that they will oversee. We the people must vote into office conservatives who know how to balance their own checkbooks and are willing to guard the national money system with their lives and honor. "He who controls the currency, controls the country" is an old adage of the banking system. Our founding fathers knew that and created a system where we the people through the elected Congress controlled our own currency and therefore our own destiny. For decades, Congress has been playing Russian roulette with our money system. We the people are tired of having the gun at our heads. We the people must vote the bums out until we find a group of conservatives who know how to handle the finances of our nation.
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Issue # 16…Execute a vigorous "War on Terror":

The only war that liberals relentlessly pursue is against conservatives. Their vitriol knows no limits of time or energy. They will tirelessly pursue the total destruction of Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh or any conservative they feel threatens their plans. Years after Reagan's death, liberals would like to dig up his bones and burn them at the stake. Go to any left-wing liberal blog and notice the unlimited bilge of death to conservatives.

On the other hand, liberals know no limits to extending the hand of friendship to the worst thugs, communists, and terrorists of the world. They believe that these enemies just need a little love and understanding. Communit Chavez must be treated with respect. Castro must be given understanding. Ahmadinejad of Iran must be cajoled into cooperation while Israel’s President is humiliated.

We the people know that there are enemies foreign and domestic, and we want our Congress and President to again declare war on the terrorists around the world.

This means that we must keep Gitmo open. This means that captured terrorist must be water boarded until they have spilled their guts. This means that these terrorists must be tried in a military court and then shot—that way they will not return to the battlefield after a liberal judge or president has released them.
Our brave young soldiers are afraid to execute a plan of action for fear of being court marshaled and charged with war crimes. Our soldiers are under orders to "not fire until fired upon." This is insanity. Let the Generals and Defense department officials and Congress and the President stand on the front lines of a war and "not shoot until someone shoots at them first." If our leaders are afraid to fight on the front lines, then get our brave soldiers out of harms way.

Personally, I believe in fighting fire with fire. Since the Islamic terrorists are afraid that pig's blood will keep them out of heaven and from their 72 virgins, I believe we should tell them that we will shoot them with bullets dipped in pig's blood, and that if we kill them or they blow themselves up, we will bury them in an unmarked grave filled with pig's blood. I can hear the liberal screams now, but we the people are tired of lilly-livered liberals who threaten conservatives with the worst kind of deaths, but somehow are shocked when we propose that terrorist be treated with terror. I realize the General Pershing story cannot be proven. If Muslim’s don’t believe that, then why is there such a furor when it is suggested?

One of the by-products of the Islamic unrest is the piracy along the coast of Somalia. Thomas Jefferson struck hard to destroy piracy in those days, and it will take the same kind of action today. Congress must authorize and even push the President to use military force to destroy it completely. Four American citizens were just killed. That is four to many! If firm action is not taken, the pirates are only encouraged to keep on. Forget the liberal-feel-good solution of offering them billions of dollars to play nice. They understand a billion bullets dipped in pigs blood a lot better. If the pig’s blood does not send them to a just eternal reward, then the bullets will.
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Issue #17… Repeal Roe v Wade: Abort Abortion Rights.
The number one issue for moral conservatives is still abortion. When Jefferson wrote, “we are endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” he reveals that the most basic and fundamental of all our rights is the right to life. The founding fathers felt that if the weakest and most defenseless among us is not secure in their life, then none of us are safe. Governments that can take the life of the innocent unborn can also decide to take the life of any person for any reason—this is the basis of tyranny.

The root of the issue is not the right of women to choose. The woman made a choice when she decided to have unprotected sex. Now, she wants a scapegoat, and the unborn child dies to atone for her sins. The liberal always counters with “Well, what about rape or incest!” I think that adoption should be presented as an option, but, personally, I understand and would consider those exceptions. “What about the life of the mother,” cries the liberal? I can understand this exception, too.

However, the truth is that abortions for rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother are a very small percentage. The overwhelming majority of abortions are to protect the mother from facing her sins and her responsibilities.

The question is: who is going to speak for the unborn? They have rights because they have life. Do they want to be aborted? Not if you watch the “Silent Scream.” Millions of babies have gone to a grave in a garbage dump with no one lifting a voice. Personally, I believe their cry is heard by a just God would will not acquit the guilty, nor will He stay His judgment upon those who support the guilty and turn a deaf ear to the innocent cry.

Liberals have by-passed Congress because they knew it would be defeated. Instead, they forced their will upon the American people through the court system. The Supreme Court had to invent rights in the Fourth Amendment that clearly addresses a totally different issue.

From that tragic day, America has seen a moral decline in almost every facet of society. Some might say that it is just coincidence. Or, is it divine providence?

Judicial oligarchy is a major reason that “we the people” need a Constitutional amendment that will allow voters to “abort” the lifetime security blanket of federal judges who believe they have the right to legislate from the bench.

The real tragedy is that every year that passes allows another million souls to be robbed of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by their own mothers. Could the doctor who would have found a cure for cancer have been aborted? Could the inventor who would have discovered a form of energy more powerful than oil and more abundant have been aborted? Only God know the real cost. Have we reaped what we sowed?

“We the people” will not rest until the right to life is restored to the weakest among us!
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Issue #18… Moral Conservatives: Return America to its Moral Roots
Libertarians stress the responsibility of government to be fiscally sound, but then want the government to legalize pot. Many of these politically savvy conservatives wish that the moral conservatives would just shut up.

Here is the root problem with their libertine lifestyles: God gave us the rights to do what is right, but we have no rights to do wrong. Our founding fathers profoundly understood this. Jefferson re-enforced this belief in the words “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Right, that among these are the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” In other words, God, our Creator, has given to individuals certain responsibilities. For example, a basic responsibility of every human is to recognize and worship the Creator. For hundreds of years many different groups had been denied that right under government control. So, they still met to worship God even if it meant going to prison. Many spent years in prison. Many were killed. What was their crime? Doing good!

When the New World was discovered, the first individuals to face the dangers and perils—after the explorers had blazed the trail—were the Pilgrims who came to America for one reason: the freedom to worship, the freedom to do their duty, the freedom to do what is right! This is the root idea behind “human rights.” Jefferson emphasizes this twice by saying earlier in the Declaration of Independence, “…the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them…” Jefferson is expression the belief of the founders that God required them to do this because they had certain responsibilities laid upon them by the “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.” This is actually a doubling of his argument. Two separate entities laid upon them specific responsibilities: the laws of nature and the laws of God.

In short, this means that we have the “rights” to obey those laws. We have the right to do what is right, but we do not have the right to do what is wrong.  If the laws of God require us to carry out certain responsibilities, then we have a God-given right to do that. However, the laws of God do not require us to lie, steal, or cheat—to commit any wrong. Therefore, we have no God-given right to do wrong.

These rights must also be understood within the Judeo-Christian concept—revealed in the Scriptures. For example, someone from the ancient rites of human sacrifice could say that their “gods” required them to kill another innocent human in order to appease the gods. Our founding fathers made it abundantly clear that they took their rights from the Bible—and only the Bible. No one has the right to do wrong! Even if the hijackers were ordered by Allah…they don’t have the right to do wrong!

Therefore, there are clearly many “rights” claimed by modern Americans that have no basis in the Bible. In fact, their so-called rights are clearly against the Bible commands. No one has the right to do wrong!

This fact makes it clear that homosexuals do not have the “civil rights” to live an alternate lifestyle. Now, God does not stop them, but that should not be construed as God giving them a “right.” Both the Old Testament and New Testament condemn homosexuality. Yet, human judges that “created” civil rights for sin have placed their wisdom above God’s, have placed their will above God’s, and have placed their laws above God’s. No one has the right to do wrong! Especially judges or Congress!

It is for this simple reason that moral conservatives oppose legalizing same-sex marriages, oppose the legalization of pot or prostitution, and oppose every attempt to legalize any form of sin. It does not matter that our Supreme Court has rejected that argument. Even more onerous is the fact that often moral conservatives are forced—through taxation—to support immoral activities. No one has the right to force moral conservatives to support wrong! This is the essence of tyranny—read Jefferson.

And this is why Christians and other moral conservatives are not satisfied with just fiscal conservative wins. We thank God that somebody wants to balance the budget. But, we believe deeply that it is “In God We Trust.” That without God’s blessing upon our nation, even balanced budgets will not stop America’s slide down the slippery slope of collapse.

No one has the right to do wrong! However, everyone has the right to do what is right. We oppose liberals or libertines who want to “legalize” sin. This is not popular, but righteousness has never traveled the popular broad road; it has always had to struggle against the odds through the strait and narrow path. Yet, the future of our nation depends upon which road we choose—one leads to destruction, so choose carefully. Committed conservatives will.

Issue #19… Gerrymandering: Redraw the lines once and for all.
The Census of 2010 has brought up an interesting issue that needs to be addressed. For decades liberal Democrats have been able to gerrymander districts to insure a Democratic victory, and conservatives have had their votes negated by politicians.

However, with the Republican rout in the election of 2010 and with many state legislatures now in the control of Republicans, the Democrats will get a taste of their own medicine—long overdue. So, it will be interesting to watch the howl of liberals crying foul as the new district lines are drawn—hopefully to favor conservative candidates.

Yet, in the sense of fair play, a system of forming Congressional districts without political interests is long overdue. My proposal is simple: from the geographic center of any state, divide the state into districts like a pie. The size of each slice would be adjusted, smaller or larger, so that the population within each slice was within a hundred votes of each other. Whether a state has four or twenty-four Congressional seats would not matter. Some slices might be very thin while others very large, but each district would have equal votes. Even better, no political party would be able to gerrymander a district just to insure a pre-set outcome.

No doubt, others would have even better ideas. Let’s put the best idea into practice. Everyone would agree that gerrymandering is the worst of all possible ideas. America deserves better. Voters deserve better—both conservative and liberal.
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Issue #20… Unions of state and federal employees

Almost every week, the news brings to our attention issues that need to be addressed. The news in the past few weeks has been the demonstrations in Wisconsin over the right of teachers and public employees to strike and pursue collective bargaining.

Sean Hannity has pointed out that the first union boss and FDR—both adored liberals—said that private unions have the right to collective bargaining and strikes, but not unions for public employee.
The reasons this is true are quite simple. First, in private industries, the unions can strike or use collectively bargaining for better wages or conditions. However, if their demands are so unreasonable that a company says that these demands will bankrupt us, then that private industry can—and often has—simply closed the plant or moved it to another state or country where unions have no power. But a state or federal government does not have that option. They cannot close the plant down nor move to another nation. Yet, in the face of state or national bankruptcy, the unions seem to prefer bankruptcy. Somehow, the total collapse of our economic systems—both federal and state—does not seem to deter them. The Wisconsin governor is compared to Hitler simply because he wants to balance the budget.

The second reason is even more important. These people are striking against the taxpayers. They are demanding that taxpayers pay more. Now, some taxpayers cannot move while the truly rich taxpayers have the option of simply moving out of the state. The end result is that the economic condition of the state or nation is impoverished, and the unreasonable demands of public employees are forced upon poorer taxpayers who have no options. These liberals cry, “Help the poor! Tax the rich.” Yet, they have no idea that it is the poor—who cannot move—who will be hurt. If they do realize this—I suspect many liberals know—then liberalism is exposing its true nature and its true intentions, which is not to help the poor workers, but to gain power and control.

The third reason is not obvious at first, but it is like a robber negotiating with the banker over better working conditions and wages. These public unions give hundreds of thousands of dollars to political candidates and causes—most often liberal Democrats. Now, when the time comes to negotiate, the union bosses (robber) sit down with the Democrat candidates (the banker) that they have helped to elect and basically say, “Pay back has come. Give us our demands or we will cut our campaign contributions.” What is that Democrat going to do? If he wants to continue getting the “fat cat” contributions, he simply plays ball—no matter how much it costs the taxpayers or bankrupts the state or nation. What a huge conflict of interest! It is criminal! Liberals hope the general public—and especially their duped union members—never see the conflict. What irony! Teachers are demonstrating for better pay while “unknowingly” demonstrating for higher taxes on those raises. Private unions do not have that conflict of interest, but public unions do. Private unions are not negotiating with their subordinates, but their equals.

Reagan stood upon these principles when he fired the striking air traffic controllers. The states like Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, and others are facing a death struggle with unions. Unions have become increasingly unpopular to most Americans, yet they are growing larger among the public employees. While these employees should have the right to meet and bargain for better conditions, they should not have the right to walk off the job.

My disagreement with these unions like the National Education Association is twofold. First, they take your membership dues and give them to liberal Democrats with whom I disagree. Second, in many states and businesses, individuals are forced to join the union just to get work. That’s not freedom; that’s tyranny! Members should have a voice in who gets their campaign funds, and citizens should be able to get a good job without being forced to join a union.

Other reasons that I personally oppose unions are that, historically, unions have used strong arm tactics to get their way. Collective bargaining is one thing; using baseball bats, clubs, knives, and guns to get your way is tyranny masquerading as reason. Historically, unions often have close ties with the Mafia—if only Jimmy Hoffa’s walls could talk. Historically, unions have close “solidarity” with communist groups and causes—look closely as the signs in the crowds at Wisconsin; you might be shocked who is helping the teachers. Historically, union bosses have abused their powers. Historically, union bosses have lived like kings off the backs of the members they presume to help. Historically, unions have intimidated voters and tried to stuff the ballot boxes with bussed-in “dead” voters. Historically, unions…sorry, I could go on and on but will stop here.[i]
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