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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Five Benefits of Benedict Boehner’s Betrayal

Speaker Boehner has betrayed true conservatives again!  For the umpteenth time! Yet, his betrayal has revealed some benefits that true conservatives can use to our advantage.  What are those benefits?

 First, Boehner’s betrayal exposes the disdain Republican have for the Tea Party.
Republicans mistreat the Tea Party conservatives. The Rhino Republicans despise the Tea Party conservatives. They do everything they can to discredit them, discourage them, disparage them, and, in effect defeat them.  With friends like this, who needs enemies! Why? The answer is simple: Rhinos are liberals.

The purpose of this blog is to expose lunatic liberals even if they are Rhinos in conservative clothing.  

Second, Boehner’s betrayal reveals a major weakness of the Tea Party.
The Tea Party members of Congress tried to depose Boehner as Speaker of the House, but were thwarted in their plans and punished for their efforts. .

The strength of the Tea Party is its numbers.  Most people in America are conservative by nature. Most people in America are tired of big, bloated government bureaucracies that are as beleaguered as extinct behemoths.  Most people in American are tired of trillion dollar deficit spending. Most people in America are fearful of the 18 trillion dollar debt and frustrated with the excuses politicians offer for not balancing the budget now.  Americans are tired of the high taxes and no return on their investment. TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY! That is the rallying cry of the TEA Party.

The weakness of the Tea Party is its organization. We have thousands of Tea Party groups but little cohesion—because it is truly a grassroots movement. Even more damaging is that some Tea Party groups have been subverted. In a nearby state the largest Tea Party group has been suborned by the powerful political machine of the politician who parades around the country as a strong conservative, but he is a Rhino. For example, he goes around the country condemning Common Core, yet in his own state he pushed Common Core upon the school when thousands of conservatives called on him to stop.[i]

This blog is dedicated to providing an efficient, effective way to organize. Best of all, there are no membership dues. Members don’t have to worry about IRS scrutiny because we are not applying for tax exempt status.  Free speech is tax exempt, and the internet provides the best method for organizing.