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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tyranny and Its Tirade Parade

The lunatic liberal left has felt empowered to force their will upon the rest of America because their president—the tyrant-in-chief—has essentially been making his will the law of the land. Almost every day, he has changed the healthcare law to fit his political agenda.

Obama has used presidential fiat through bureaucratic regulations to by-pass Congress and the will of the people.  He has forced the “nuclear option” in the Senate so that he and liberals can dictate their will through the Federal court system.

Where are the Rhino Republicans? Where is Congress? What has happened to the Constitution? Where is Chief Justice Judas?

 It follows then that his mind-numbed minions should be emboldened to force their will upon America…until they met Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty. Although Phil was merely exercising his Constitutional rights of free speech and freedom of religion, GLAAD decided that they would make Phil an example by destroying his reputation and show. An avalanche of ant-PHIL—PC-police sycophants hit the airwaves calling Phil’s comments “vile” and “homophobic” and “full of hate.”  

What was Phil’s crime? He had humbly and honestly said that homosexuality is a sin—by paraphrasing the Bible verses in I Corinthians 6:9-10. What irony! Phil quotes the Bible and is branded a vile, bigoted, hatemonger.  

What was his punishment? The lying, lunatic liberal left wanted his “popular” head on a platter, so A&E quickly announced that Phil was on hiatus. Cracker Barrel announced that Duck Dynasty merchandise would be removed from their stores.

GLAAD—Garrulous Liberals Against Any Decency—was giddy with glee as they imagined one announcement of the demise of Phil would follow another until not one shred of Duck Dynasty was left.

Well, now, who is eating duck soup?  The storm of contrived criticism was followed by an earthquake of populist support. Cracker Barrel quickly reversed course. A&E, by their delay to recant, has guaranteed their return to irrelevance.

The PC police are outraged that Americans have stood up for freedom of speech and religion.  Get over it, GLAAD! 

Every year, during the season of giving, the liberal tyrants begin their tirade against Christmas. Their anti-God, anti-Christ efforts to stamp out the celebration of Christianity is an eternal landslide of evil loathing. Frankly, freedom loving Americans are fed-up.

The lunatic liberals’ determination to destroy conservatives has a long list of victims. Do you remember Tim Tebow? What was his crime? He quietly knelt at the sideline and lifted his hand to thank God.  What was his punishment? An eternal effort to destroy his football career!

Does anyone remember Rick Santorum’s crime? Not really![i]  Well, it ended his run for the presidency.

And who was that black conservative candidate’s name? The PC police hope no one remembers Herman Cain. What was his crime? Just being a black conservative![ii]

Does anyone remember Tuffy the Clown?[iii]

Does anyone remember Dr. Laura’s crimes?[iv]  Enough said!

The list of destroyed conservative careers is longer than the waging lying, lunatic, liberal tongues.

The efforts of liberal tyranny to destroy Christians and conservatives have reached into every part of American culture.[v] And the tirade parade goes on and on.[vi]

Tyranny will continue to parade its paradise of intolerant tolerance and will continue to force Americans to smile while they cram their policies down our throats.

Have you had enough of their plum-dumb pudding? Is anyone hungry for duck? If enough Americans would get the courage and conviction of Phil, GLAAD, along with all their lying, lunatic liberal comrades, would be reduced to the 1% tempest in a teapot of triviality—that they really are.  Triviality, meet Reality! Duck Reality!

Will enough freedom loving Americans say “enough is enough”? It is time for GLAAD and their lying, lunatic liberal friends to eat a steady diet of duck soup! 

My Christmas Wish is that Duck Dynasty will last a very, very long time on another channel!

Yes, a providential God does rule, and He will have the last word and duck-laugh! 

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