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Saturday, September 8, 2012


The Supreme Court decision to uphold ObamaScare was a knife in the back and the kiss of a betrayer. After the Court struck down the Arizona immigration law, I had a sick feeling that the Court would uphold ObamaScare. I imagined that Kennedy would be the swing vote, but was shocked when Chief Justice Judas gave conservatives the kiss of death.

The American people have a clear choice in November. Do they want a Marxist, socialist, communist style of government; or do they want to preserve the Constitution and our Bill of Rights? Do Americans really want to replace the Bible with the Communist Manifesto?

The Supreme Court just trashed the Constitution and asserted the Communist Manifesto as the new Bible of the USSA (The United Socialist States of America).

VOTE D if…you want DeFacto Marxism.
VOTE D if…you want to DESTROY the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

What the Democrats and Rhino Judas Republicans are doing comes straight from the Communist playbook! Unfortunately, most Americans have never read the Communist Manifesto nor have they been taught the dangers of Communism. Let me read to you chapter 2 of Chief Justice Robert’s new Bible.

Karl Marx enumerates ten “measures” to produce revolution that will destroy capitalistic nations.[i]  
Number 2 is “A heavy progressive and graduated income tax.”  Tax the Rich! Obama has made that his theme every day for the last four years. 
Number 3 is the “Abolition of all rights of inheritance.” With the cry of tax the rich comes the cry “confiscate their inheritance.”
Number 5 is the “Centralization of credit in the hands of the State.”  Obama is the first president to take over college loans with a stroke of the pen. He also endlessly attacks “Wall Street Bankers” as the enemy and calls for “banking reforms” that will basically “nationalize” the banking industry and Wall Street under government controls.
Number 7 is the “Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State.” Obama is the first president to takeover and “own” a major car manufacturer—GMC—Government Motor Company. He is the first president to pass a law that takes over 1/6th of the American economy through ObamaScare.

Do we need a second term to prove how many of the other ten measures he will seek to implement?

Something that Karl Marx did not mention was massive spending—he never thought of that! However, the Marxists Cloward and Piven did.[ii] They pioneered the idea of bankrupting a capitalistic nation by welfare spending. Obama has brought our nation to the edge of the bankruptcy cliff with the car still in D and the pedal to the metal approach, racing toward certain Marxism.[iii]


Obama’s transportation secretary commented that Communist China is the ideal that America should follow in transportation when he said, “The Chinese are more successful [in building infrastructure] because in their country, only three people make the decision.”[iv]  Do we really want a country where three dictators make all the decisions? Evidently Obama does!

The American people have a choice—clear and simple: Do we want to be a Marxist nation, or do we want to retain our Constitution and individual liberties guaranteed by the Bill of Rights?

Many of the liberals need to read number 8 in chapter two of the Communist Manifesto. 8. Equal liability of all to work. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.” Translate that to read concentration camps or Russian Gulags! All of the lazy liberals on welfare are in for a giant surprise if Marxism prevails here. So will the lap-dog liberal media be surprised when they are assigned a job holding a pitchfork instead of a pen.
Does not “equal” have the same meaning as “fair share”? Obama has made a promise that everyone gets a “fair shot” and everyone does his “fair share.”[v]  Where is the idea of “fair share” in the Constitution or Bill of Rights? However, it is a major part of the Communist Manifesto.
The welfare recipients who voted for Obama need to remember that when he says the rich must pay their fair share, he also says “everyone” must do their fair share. What does Obama mean by everyone “doing” their fair share? Read the Communist Manifesto. Read the histories of Russia, China, and Cuba!
Obama by an emperor’s decree changed the welfare reform legislation by a stroke of his pen, so that no longer is it required to seek employment or training in order to get welfare.[vi]
Now, more people will be on welfare. Maybe these liberal voters need to read carefully the Draft of a Communist Confession of Faith written by Engels and Marx. Point 18 talks about how the revolution will take place. Sub point v talks about the formation of industrial armies (workforce), especially for agriculture. Sub point vii talks about increasing government control over all industries and the increase of a “labor force” to work those industries.[vii]
Wake up America!


The upholding of ObamaScare by Chief Justice Judas causes many conservatives to seek some way to hold the liberal judges accountable. The truth is that Roberts should be impeached as well as all the liberals in Congress who passed the law before we could read the law. However, that will never happen.

Over and over, Americans have watched the high court desecrate, dissect, and dismember the Constitution—after they have sworn to uphold it.

What can we do? I think conservatives must be careful in calling for changes to the Constitution. There must be a deep abiding desire to preserve the Constitution as it was written and intended. However, the Supreme Court has violated its sacred trust to uphold the Constitution, and radical justices must be held accountable to the people.


The most effective offence is to vote every lunatic, lying liberal Senator out. Conservatives, not Rhino Republicans, must take over the House and Senate. Tea Party Patriots must throw the “old bags” out of office and replace them with true conservatives.

Until the election, conservatives must educate, organize, and get involved. The line of demarcation has never been clearer.
What does the average American really want?
Do they really want the government takeover of every part of our lives?
Do they really want bureaucrats telling them what light bulbs they can use?
Do they really want national bankruptcy?
Do they really want death-panel healthcare?
Do they really want defacto Marxism?

Liberals ought to read carefully the Communist Manifesto. They should also read Animal Farm and ask themselves: Am I one of the pigs, one of the dogs, or the horse?


It is no accident that liberalism is out to destroy family values and the Judeo-Christian roots of this nation. Those were the same goals promoted by Karl Marx. He promoted the idea of the government replacing the parents. Marxism seeks to destroy families and religion. Strangely, they proposed destroying these foundations of American society by taking over public education. Mission Accomplished! How ironic!

On one hand the government orders religious organizations to provide the abortion pill to all their employees as part of ObamaScare. Fox recently aired the story of a couple who held a Bible study in their home being arrested and sentenced to 60 days in jail.[viii]  Are we living in Russia?

On the other hand, the government—for the first time ever—honors homosexuals by holding the first Gay Pride event sponsored by the Pentagon.[ix]

The liberal politicians are attempting to “control” every aspect of life in America. It is strange that people do not see that. Total control also has another name:  TYRANNY!
Has anyone read what our Founding Fathers said about tyranny? D-education no longer teaches these facts.[x] 


          The Marxist agenda for decades has been to disarm American through gun control. The one thing the socialist liberals fear most is American citizens with guns.
          Marxists have always wanted to dismantle the military might of America. Liberals want to give our enemies our military secrets, and at the same time sign treaties that will leave America without an adequate defense.
          Right now, our military has been reduces to their lowest levels since post WW1 and liberals have used the budget battle as a way to destroy our military might with the pretense of balancing the budget.[xi]  Compare our military size of combat ready soldiers to those of China with 4.5 million, Iran with 3.8 million, Russia with 2.2 million, North Korea with 9.4 million, and Pakistan with 1.4 million.[xii]  While we are drastically cutting military spending, Iran and China are increasing their spending.
When will America wake up and vote every lying, lunatic liberal bum out of office! In November 2012…I hope there will be a change.


          From the Democratic Convention, the liberals announced one Marxist theme after another. Karl would be proud of his comrades! An army of mind-numbed robots, who willingly drank the Marxist cool-aid.

VOTE D if…you want HYPE and CHAINS!
What is Obama’s biggest mistake? He says, “But the nature of this office is also to tell a story to the American people that gives them a sense of unity and purpose and optimism, especially during tough times.”[xiii]
Obama’s biggest mistake is “telling too many stories.” William Safire said that Hilary Clinton was a congenital liar.[xiv] Would Obama be the contiguous liar?  For sure, he is the King of Hype and Chains.[xv]

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