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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Obama Fiddles While Benghazi Burns

Not since Nero fiddled while Rome burned has a politician taken the lowest road to blaming everyone but himself, but Obama has. While four brave Americans were killed, Obama fiddled. Rather than sending immediate help, the derelict president decided to blame a lame video.

          The details are finally coming out thanks to Fox News. Evidently authorities were watching in real time, while Obama was fiddling. Evidently the security forces requested help, but where told to “stand down” while Obama fiddled. Evidently, the brave CIA team asked authorities three times if they could go help the ambassador, but were told to “stand down.” These men disregarded orders and died trying to help while Obama fiddled.

          This article will be short and to the point. There is but one question for the President. In the words of those seeking to impeach President Nixon, “Mr. President, what did you know and when did you know it?” 

          Here is the point: Mr. President, it is your responsibility. You are the commander-in-chief. The buck stops at your office. You sat in the situation room when Osama was killed. Where were you when these four Americans were dying?

          The Watergate scandal was a black mark upon American politics, but not one person died. In Benghazi, the blood soaked scene cries out for judgment. Not only against the perpetrators of this terrorist act, but also for whoever was in authority and received the cries for help, but instead chose to order forces to “stand down” while the president “fiddled.”

What did you know and when did you know it? If you were still in the dark when you told the U.N. it was the fault of a film, then you are totally incompetent. If you knew, did nothing, and decided to cover up your mistake, then you are criminally negligent. Mr. President, you should “stand down.”

Mr. President, don’t insult the American people’s intelligence any longer. Answer this question honestly. No more deceit! No more bald-faced lies!

Mr. President, what did you know and when did you know it? The truth will set you free!

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