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Monday, June 18, 2012


The recent recall of Governor Walker in Wisconsin illustrates the lunatic liberal ideology behind the Democrat Party that demagogues issues and seeks to destroy opponents.  However, with this liberal state waking up, is there hope that many more common sense Americans will also wake up before the November election?

I personally believe that two types of liberals exist. The first type is the honest liberal who truly believes the tripe. They have adopted the utopian ideals and truly believe that mankind can reach that goal. However, these individuals have never made the connection between the ideal and the real. The real outcomes of liberal ideology have been tried in Russia, China, Cuba, and dozens of other Communist governments. In every case, the utopian promises of paradise on earth have produced pandemonium. These liberals are sincere, yet sincerely wrong. How many of these liberals have seen the disastrous results of Obama’s policies and may possibly be waking up?

The second type of liberal will never admit to any fact that supports conservative ideals. Michael Moore shouts that Cuba’s healthcare is far superior to ours. However, when he is sick, he goes to a doctor in the USA. He illustrates the second type of liberal. These liberals actually realize that their ideology is mass malarkey. They know the truth. They know their policies produce pandemonium. What is happening in Greece and Europe does not surprise them. In fact, that is the goal—create chaos. The real agenda of these lunatic liberals is power and control. They truly desire to be the “rulers” of the world. These narcissists actually believe they are smarter, better, and greater—born to rule. They believe they are the true aristocrats who should rule the world while they rail against the “bourgeoisie” (i.e. the rich) of every nation. No matter what the problem, the villain is always “the rich”—the bourgeoisie versus the proletariat is the essence of the Communist Manifesto class warfare. Communism promises the poor workers an “equal share.”[i]  That sounds similar to Obama’s promises of a “fair share” for the poor workers.

The language should be very familiar because we have been hearing it for the last four years. Obama has made it a central theme of his government. This second type of liberal is deliberately peddling delirium delusions to the masses—whom they believe are gullible. These liberals are the most dangerous threat to our liberties.

Fortunately, a very simple test will reveal which type of liberal you are listening/talking to. Before I reveal the test, certain facts must be understood.

FACT #1: The liberals who are trying to demagogue an issue will use every tactic known within the “fallacious arguments” category. Obama’s favorite tactic is the straw man argument. He deliberately misrepresents what his opponents are saying. He always sets up a straw man and then destroys it. It appears that he is totally destroying his opponents’ arguments, but in reality it is all “smoke and mirrors” and Obama knows it.

Examine any of his speeches. For example, Obama claims that Republicans want dirtier air and water.[ii] That is a straw man argument. Not one Republican has ever made such a claim, but Obama know that “demonizing” his opponents works—another tactic of the lunatic liberal left. Then Obama presents his utopian plan to “put teachers back into the classroom” or “construction workers back to work.” Obama continues to destroy the straw man by saying that he will give “tax cuts for small business, tax cuts for hiring veterans, tax cuts if you give your workers a raise.” It sounds so utopian wonderful!

It is pure hogwash! And the second type of liberal knows it. In fact, the words reveal the desire to micromanage every part of our lives—including who should and who should not get tax cuts. That is true liberalism—total control of every aspect of society and life. Listen carefully to their words.

FACT #2: The second type of liberal deliberately demagogues every issue so that they can use that issue for political advantage.

The recall of Walker in Wisconsin is a case in point. The Democrats deliberately demagogued that issue. They demonized Walker. They poured tens of millions of dollars into that state in order to punish this conservative who tried to curtail the unbridled reach of government unions for more and more power.

However, the common sense voters in Wisconsin realized that Walker had turned the state around—balanced the budget—created real jobs. The draconian disaster that the liberals said would happen if Walker’s plans were put into action did not happen. In fact, just the opposite occurred.

Liberals made the decision that Walker and Republicans had to be punished. So, liberal union thugs from all over the nation poured tens of millions into Wisconsin to try to defeat Walker’s success. Thankfully, those recall elections were a disaster for the liberal bosses.

FACT #3: The real issue is power and liberals hate losing control. They want American workers to be herded into their unions. For decades, workers could not get a job in certain industries or states if they did not join the union. What a wonderful utopia! Union bosses then had hundreds of millions of dollars to get “liberal” politicians voted into office. However, over the past few decades the union rolls have fallen; thanks to the “right to work” efforts to de-unionize states and industries.

Public unions are the last “line” drawn in the sand to stop the “right to work” efforts. State union workers have enjoyed “utopian” salaries and retirement plans that far exceeded the private sector.  However, these plans were unsustainable and bankrupting state and local budgets. The tax-paying citizen is tired of paying for lunacy.

Wisconsin may be public unions’ Battle of Little Bighorn—Custer’s last stand—the Waterloo of public unions.

Yet, lunatic liberals continue to demagogue the issue. In ancient Greek history, demagogues always became the next dictator.  The American people are not ready for a dictatorship—not even the first type of liberal wants a dictatorship.

FACT #4: The real goal is total control of the American people. We see that with the czars of Obama. These unelected and unapproved “dictators” have real power to control the segments of society that Obama has given them power to oversee.

The bureaucratic czar over oil encouraged his fellow bureaucrats to “crucify” oil companies.[iii] The illustrations of this “power grab” attitude are too numerous to mention—they occur almost daily. Just this week Obama bypasses Congress and “declares safe haven” for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants.[iv] Just a few weeks ago, he “mandated” that religious organizations provide the abortion pill to their employees.[v]

Even Rhino Republicans don’t want to miss an opportunity to seize power. Bloomberg’s desire to tell businesses how much soda they can sell is an example.[vi] Rhino Republicans always promote lunatic liberal ideas.

Liberals from both parties want the government to control every facet of American life—what light bulb we can use—what type of car we can own—how many miles we can drive—what kind of gas we use. One liberal entertainer said government should allow people to use only one sheet of toilet paper. Another liberal said the government should make it illegal for young people to get married before they are 25 years old. Liberals are lunatics! When did God die and leave lunatic liberals in charge of telling everyone else how to live?

Their hypocrisy is humongous! While Al Gore wants Americans to live in a shack without electricity and ride a bicycle, he travels the world in his private jet and lives in a mansion that uses more electricity than many small cities.

FACT #5: Liberals in either party want the same thing—power—control over every aspect of American life.  That means our liberties are in jeopardy.

The problem for most Americans is distinguishing the real from the rubbish. All liberalism—the first type and second type—leads to the same catastrophic cliff.

How do Americans cut through the clutter? A simple test does exist.

Put your question on a personal or common sense level. For example, when liberals say we need more stimulus spending in order to get our economy moving, then give the illustration of a family making $20,000/year but spending $30,000/year. The real problem is that this family is already $160,000 in debt because of past spending. So, ask the liberal: should this family continue their reckless spending? Should they increase their spending? Is the best solution to their problem raising revenue or cutting spending? The answer should be obvious!

Another angle is to ask why anyone is poor? If it is possible to spend your way out of debt and into prosperity, then there should not be one poor person in America or the world. If liberalism is true, the poor should be able to spend themselves into prosperity. Buying a million dollar home they can’t afford should solve all their problems. The truth is that the financial crisis of 2008 happened because the Frank-Dodd law “dictated” that banks must lend money to poor people who could not afford the house. But to keep the banks from rebelling, the law allowed the banks to package these worthless mortgages as “good” securities that were sold on the stock market. This lunatic liberal idea caused the stock market crash and housing market collapse of 2008. Senator Obama voted for this lunacy, but blames Bush every chance he gets for the financial collapse.

Every issue has a common sense comparison. Make that comparison—expose the lie—tell the truth. When they say “tax the rich,” you say, “If we confiscated all the wealth of the millionaires and billionaires ($13 trillion), it would not be enough to pay off the national debt.  

The first type of liberal will give you an honest answer to these questions. Many times they will acknowledge the truth, but then give some ridiculous argument for their position. Liberalism does not make sense. Liberals say one thing but do another. They do not spend recklessly nor put their kids or grandkids into needless debt. Yet, they believe that American can spend its way into prosperity.

However, the second type of liberal will obfuscate, change the issue, blame someone else, or speak in gobbledygook—an answer that makes no sense at all. However, he knows the truth. He knows he is selling lies. He believes the world is made up of sheep that need to be sheared. He believes liberals have a God-given right to control the lives of others. He believes that liberals must “say” whatever it takes to reach the goal—ultimate control.

The second type of liberal will always expose themselves by the fervency of their denials, their obfuscation, or their changing the issue. They will raise a straw man or demonize some conservative or blame “Bush.” Their lack of intellectual honesty always reveals that they know that they cannot “expose” their real motives or intentions. These liberals know the truth but will never acknowledge the truth. That is why conservatives must always and relentlessly promote the truth.

If Americans ever realized the “true utopian dreams” of the liberals who really want to “rule the world,” there would never be another liberal elected to any office—not even dog catcher.

If Americans ever realized that the promises of the liberals were only “lures” to win votes so that they can continue their power grab, no liberal would ever hold another office in America ever.

Unfortunately, far too many Americans take these lunatic liberals at “face value.”

This is why liberalism must be exposed for what it is—a den of demagogues peddling delirium delusions.

May God Bless America by helping more and more citizens wake up! Hopefully, Wisconsin is the first step (or state) in restoring the freedoms of America.

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