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Monday, January 2, 2012

The Perfect Presidential Candidate

I have found the perfect presidential candidate, but before I reveal who it is, I want to share with you what this candidate says he/she will do within the first 100 days in office. He/she has promised to do the following things.
On the first day in office, he/she will order the EPA to issue a thousand permits each week (or more if possible) to restore drilling in the gulf and to begin drilling off the east and west coast and in Alaska and in any other place that the Obama administration has halted drilling. He/she will set in order a plan to make America energy independent within ten years using coal, oil, atomic energy, and natural gas.
Also, he/she has pledged to freeze the funds and fire the department heads of the EPA who are responsible for using snail darters to bankrupt farmers and lizards to stop oil companies.
Second, he/she has promised to repeal Obamacare as soon as the Senate passes the repeal passed by the House. If Congress refuses to act, then he/she has pledged to fire every bureaucrat whose job is to implement Obamacare and to freeze all funds set aside for Obamacare.
 Third, he/she will present a balanced budget with a pledge to pay off 1/20th the national debt each year in his term with the goal to pay off the national debt in twenty years. He/she has pledged to sign a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution.
Fourth, he/she will lower individual tax rates to the level established by Reagan with plans to lower tax rates by half the percentage that tax revenues increase. He/she has pledged to replace the income tax system with the fair tax by the end of his eight years.
Fifth, he/she has pledged to lower corporate tax rates to 10% for those businesses that have all their products made in the USA. Other corporate tax rates will follow the schedule proposed on this blog—The Issues in Detail, section 2 about taxes.
Sixth, he/she has pledged to secure the borders by taking two actions immediately. Part one is that he/she will place as many troops along the border as necessary to stop illegal immigration. Part two is that he/she will fine every employer $100,000 per illegal employee and will give a 10% reward to those citizens who turn in the company who is using illegal workers.
Seventh, he/she has pledged on the first day in office to introduce a bill that would put all elected and appointed federal employees on Social Security as their retirement. This includes all past, present, and future federal employees who are elected or appointed to their positions. He/she has pledged to end the Democratic Ponzi scheme by setting Social Security on a sound financial basis.
Eighth, he/she has pledged to put Congress on a performance payment plan. For every year that the budget is not balanced, their salaries, reimbursements, and benefits will be reduced by 20%. For every year that the national debt is not reduced by 5%, their salaries, reimbursements and benefits will be reduced another 20%.
Ninth, he/she has pledged to place before Congress a bill that will abolish the Department of Education and return the responsibility back to each state and implement a nationwide voucher system where parents can send their students to any school—public, private, or charter—that they feel will best serve the needs of the students.
Tenth, he/she has pledged to reduce waste in every Federal department by 10% each year of his first term. Any department head who cannot meet that goal will be replaced and that department’s budget will be reduced 15% each year.
Within 100 days these ten pledges will be put into action. The next four to eight years will be used to restore America from the Obamabyss. Returning jobs, businesses, and prosperity to America make our country the “shining city on a hill” about which Reagan spoke.
Unfortunately, I cannot reveal the name of this presidential candidate because he was forced out of the race for lack of interest. If you like this ten-step plan to restore America, then email it to your presidential choice. America needs a presidential candidate who will clearly and straightforwardly tell people exactly what he will do and then do it.
The platitudes like “Hope and Change” reveal nothing about what a president will do once in power. I hope Americans have learned a lesson and vow to make a change!

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