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Friday, August 12, 2011

CUT THE SPENDING STUPID! Same Song--Seventeen Trillion Dollar Verse!

S&P has just downgraded the credit rating of America from AAA to AA.

For conservatives this is a call to action: First, we the people must demand a Balanced Budget Amendment with teeth that stops spending or Congressmen will lose their salaries and benefits. Read FED UP to find out how. Second, we the people must demand Congress pay off the debt at a rate of 5% per year until the debt is gone in twenty years. Third, we must demand a return to the Reagan era tax rates with the promise to go to a fair tax system within ten years.

Fourth, we the people must educate the 30% of Americans who have no idea how horrific trillion dollar deficits and a 16 trillion dollar debt are.

Here is a PowerPoint presentation that will hopefully help educate Americans about the mountain of debt liberals have given us. The average person cannot fully comprehend $100 million much less $16 trillion. Maybe this will help understand the length, the depth, the breadth, and height of our staggering deficits and debt.

Click on this link on the left hand side of page "Check out these videos."
Click on "How Big is Our Debt."

If you would like a personal presentation for a group, please contact me.
If you would like a personal copy of this presentation to show to your group, please contact me.

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