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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vote “D” If…

Since I can remember, Democrats—with the aid of the liberal press—have been experts at using the ten-second-sound-bite to win public opinion, while Republicans have become experts at “hem-hawing” excuses.
Paul Ryan is a case in point. Democrats have failed to propose a budget for three consecutive years—2009-2011. Their delinquency has not been exposed because the liberals have used every opportunity to blast Ryan’s budget bill as a “Social Security and Medicare killer”—even producing an ad with a Ryan look-alike pushing granny off a cliff. Then Harry Reid—assured of public support—brought Ryan’s budget up for a vote in the Senate.
Like normal, Republicans began “hem-hawing” and cowering for cover in the covert corners of Congress. Some even retreated entirely from the proposal to save Social Security and Medicare and balance the budget. Once again, the Republicans have squandered the Tea Party victory of 2010 and are slinking into the Sea of Spinelessness, riding their party barge “No Das, No Das.”
So, I would like to offer a ten-second-sound-bite that—hopefully—Republicans will find the courage to use.

Vote “D” if…

You want Deficits and Debt out the Wahzoo.

Republicans should shout these words every time a liberal reporter puts a camera and microphone in their face—it should not matter what question they are asked. Republicans should echo this ten-second-sound-bite every chance they get. Democrats want deficits out the wahzoo! Democrats want debt out the wahzoo! Democrats want depression to last another decade! These ten-second-sound-bites should be repeated by all the Republicans every time they talk to a reporter.
Democrats shout their slogans—Republicans want to kill granny—without an ounce of truth; however, the truth of the sound bite above is self-evident—we are living the “misery index,” which is at its greatest level (12.67) since the great recession of Carter.[i] Contrary to news reports, the real inflation rate is around 6% or higher.[ii] The real unemployment rate is around 22%.[iii] That means that the real misery index (inflation rate + unemployment rate) is around 28%. That takes us back, past Carter’s recession, to the Great Depression.
Vote D if… You want deficits, debt, and depression out the wahzoo!
Vote D if… You want despair for another decade!
Conversely, just to cut through the clutter of liberal confusion, consider these facts about the enormity of our deficits and debt.
Democrats screamed bloody murder when President George W. Bush’s budget reached a $400 billion deficit in 2007-2008. People forget that this was really the first budget of the Democratic controlled Congress of Pelosi-Reed. It was a budget bloated by 11,351 liberal “earmarks” and Democratic boondoggles—study the Formosan termites and a museum for banjos.[iv]
Yet, the same lying liberals defend Obama’s gargantuan deficits, which have broken the bank at over 4 times the size of Bush’s monstrosity. For three years the deficit has been an albatross on our economy with a deficit of approximately $1.6 trillion/year. All of Bush’s deficits in eight years were nearly the same as one year of Obama’s deficit. The national debt in 2006 was about $8 trillion.[v] Now it is almost twice as large at over $14 trillion dollars.
And Democrats want to raise the debt ceiling! To what ungodly level? Obama has given us deficits, debt, red ink, and red tape out the wahzoo! Fox and Friends reported on July 7, 2011 that red tape alone is costing American businesses $1.75 trillion a year.[vi]  And liberals wonder where the jobs have gone! Duh!!!
Let’s try to put this unfathomable debt into perspective. A $1.6 trillion deficit is $1,600 billion compared to the largest Bush deficit of $400 billion. I think people get lost in the numbers. Trillions sounds like millions or billions, and 1.6 trillion apparently sounds smaller than 100 million. In my mind a million dollars is hard, but not impossible, to comprehend. Most Americans will never see what one million dollars would do, yet Congress treats a million dollars like a penny fallen on the floor—they would not stoop to save one. For the average citizen, $10 million would be an unbelievable treasure, and $100 million is incomprehensible.  Who can imagine that much money? Most people’s minds go blank at that level. So, how can we fathom a billion dollars, a trillion dollars, or 14 trillion dollars?
To help put the debt in perspective, imagine that you can put $10,000 of one-dollar bills in a small bag. A pile of $10,000 in one dollar bills will fill a space of 8 inches wide by 13 inches long by 6 inches tall.[vii] $100,000 would fill 10 bags. $1 million would fill 100 bags. $10 million would fill 1000 bags. $100 million would fill 10,000 bags. A billion dollars would fill 100,000 bags. A trillion dollars would fill 100,000,000 bags. Now, the national debt of $14 trillion would fill 1,400,000,000 bags. Obama has added 480,000,000 bags in just three years. The numbers are staggering! Most people cannot fully grasp the numbers. Yet, Congress treats hundreds of billions of dollars like bags of candy to be thrown carelessly around the world—like a yearlong Mardi Gras!
During this recession, Democrats in Congress and the President want to add two million more bags—two trillion dollars—to the debt ceiling! It is past time for Congress to reduce the number of bags, or else we the people can and should reduce the number of “old liberal bags” in Washington.
Let’s examine the debt another way. You can fill a small briefcase (8” wide by 6” deep by 13” long) with 10,000 dollars and it would weigh about 20 pounds.[viii] So, $100,000 would fill 10 briefcases that would weigh 200 pounds. $1 million would fill 100 briefcases that would weigh 2000 pounds or one ton. $10 million would fill 1000 briefcases that would weigh 20,000 pounds or 10 ton. $100 million would fill 10,000 briefcases that would weigh 200,000 pounds or 100 tons. A billion dollars would fill 100,000 briefcases and weigh 2,000,000 pounds or 1,000 tons. A trillion dollars would fill 100,000,000 briefcases and would weigh 2,000,000,000 pounds or 1,000,000 tons. Our national debt of $14 trillion would fill 1,400,000,000 briefcases and would weigh 28,000,000,000 pounds or 14,000,000 tons. That is literally a mountain of debt, which would fill 700,000 huge shipping containers that hold 20 tons each.[ix] This mountain of debt would fill over 39 large cargo ships that can carry 18,000 twenty ton containers.[x] This mountain of debt would also fill almost 25 of the largest supertankers that can hold 4,100,000 barrels of oil or 564,763 tons.[xi] Obama has added 13 cargo ship or almost 9 supertankers in just 3 years.
And Congress and the President want to add another 2,000,000 tons of debt onto the backs of tax payers by raising the debt ceiling! It is past time to reduce that mountain of debt upon our grandchildren, or else “ship out a ton or two” of the liberal mountain-makers in Congress.
Let’s study this debt another way. Each briefcase is 6 inches deep. So, $10,000 would be 6 inches high. $100,000 would be 60 inches or 5 feet high. $1 million would be 600 inches or 50 feet high. A $10 million would create a stack of briefcases 6,000 inches or 500 feet. $100 million would create a stack of briefcases 60,000 inches or 5,000 feet tall—almost one mile high. A billion dollars would create a stack of briefcases 600,000 inches or 50,000 feet or 9.47 miles high. $10 billion would create a stack of briefcases 6,000,000 inches or 500,000 feet or 94.70 miles high. A trillion dollars would create a stack of briefcases 600,000,000 inches or 50,000,000 feet or 9,469.7 miles high. Our national debt of $14 trillion would create a stack of briefcases 8,400,000,000 inches high or 700,000,000 feet tall or over 132,575.76 miles high—the space station is only 220 miles away.[xii] This is over half way to the moon, which is 250,000 miles away. Obama has added over 45,454 miles to our debt. Our debt is astronomical!
If you simply stack one dollar bills upon another, then $14 trillion would go 950,124 miles into space, which will go to the moon and back almost 2 times.[xiii]
And Congress and the President want to make that debt ceiling “out of this world!” It is past time to bring our debt back down to earth, or else send all the liberals “to the moon, Alice.”
Let’s put it another way. If you could stuff a $100 bill down a rat hole every second, it would take only two hours and 47 minutes to stuff a million dollars down that rat hole. To stuff $100 million down that rat hole, it would take 11 days, 13 hours, and 47 minutes. To stuff one billion dollars down that rat hole, it would take 115 days, 17 hours, and 47 minutes. To stuff one trillion dollars down that rat hole, it would take 115,740 days and 17 hours and 47 minutes, which is 316 years and 321 days and 17 hours and 47 minutes. But to stuff our national debt of over $14 trillion down that rat hole, it would take 1,620,370 days, 8 hours, and 53 minutes, which is 4,436 years, 121 days, 8 hours, and 53 minutes. For someone to stuff our national debt down that rat hole, they would have to begin all the way back at Noah before the flood when he was building the ark.  Yet, Obama has added over 1,521 years of that debt in just 3 years as President. So, just how long will it take to actually pay off our debt?
If we stuff 14 trillion dollars in one dollar bills down that rat hole, it would take 443,633 years, 83 days, 18 hours, and 55 minutes.
That is a huge rat hole. And the Democrats want to make that hole larger! Democrats would rather let this nation go bankrupt than try to clean up their own mess and begin paying off the debt. The question truly is: are the liberals placing a burden of debt on our children, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren that they will never be able to pay off.
So, Congress and the President want to enlarge “the rat hole” called the debt ceiling! It is past time to reduce that debt, or else we the people should replace these rat-hole diggers, who could care less if our country survives another decade. It is past time for Congress to lead by cutting their pay and benefits until the budget is balanced and the debt paid off (see my article “FED UP”). If we the people can send a man to the moon in less than 10 years, then I believe we can and should make it our goal to eliminate the national debt in 10 years. Congress members, who will not sacrifice, must be put in the rat hole they have dug.
Vote D if…
You are delusional
and think that increasing the debt ceiling will solve our problems.

The Debt is unimaginable but not unmanageable:

The truth is that debt is slavery. Proverbs 22:7 says that the borrower is the servant to the lender. Liberals are selling future Americans into slavery so that these Congress members can live it up today. A modern proverb says, “A lender, not a borrower, be.” In other words, if America is lending its prosperity to the world, then we are truly free. However, while she is borrowing, then someone else—China—owns us and will eventually conquer and control us.
Vote D if…you want to destroy our nation’s future.
Vote D if…you want to drown our grandchildren in debt.
Vote D if…you want a dictatorship and despise freedom.
Vote D if…you want double-dealing Democrats handling our debt.
Oh, how the liberals would howl if all of the Republicans began a war of words using these bombshells. But, are not liberals unmitigated hypocrites? Does Obama put his family into millions of dollars of debt every year? Does he spend tens of millions of dollars more than he makes. Would he live it up, leaving his children with a mountain of debt? I don’t think so, yet he wants to leave America in debt out the wahzoo.
Is this not true of every liberal? They are all unadulterated hypocrites. Do they spend millions of dollars more than they make? Do they put their families into debt so deep that it would bankrupt their children’s futures? Name one liberal who lives like that. Yet, they want to bankrupt America’s future.  Blind leaders of the blind! Hypocrites! They demand that the nation raise its debt ceiling, yet they would never make such a dastardly, suicidal financial decision for their own families.
Sadly, every liberal in Congress and our liberal President are addicted to spending trillions of dollars every year. So much money that you have to ask: Where does it all go? What rat holes are being filled with our hard-earned money?
Vote D if…you want to dig a gigantic rat hole to China.
Vote D if…you want to develop China and destroy America.
So, how are the liberals proposing to pay off that mountain of debt? They promise to tax the rich. Yet, if they confiscated all the money of the millionaires and billionaires in America, it would not be enough to pay off the debt. According to the New York Times, there are about 10 million people in the world who are millionaires and billions, and their total world-wide wealth is about $39 trillion.[xiv] According to Wikipedia, 34% of that world-wide wealth belongs to the millionaires and billionaires in the United States, which is roughly $13 trillion.[xv] If the government took it all, that is not enough to pay off the debt. And tens of millions of jobs would disappear the next day. Yet, the liberals believe more debt and more taxes will “stimulate” the economy. Really!
The problem is not too few taxes; it is too much spending by this President and liberals in Congress. Since 1970 family income has grown 27% while government spending has grown 299%.[xvi] Most of that within the Obama’s reign. Since the election of the Pelosi-Reed—Democratic controlled Congress—and President Obama, the debt line has gone almost straight up. Stop already!
Vote D if… you want to destroy the rich.
If you have a job, you’re rich! And the Democrats will tax the working class out of the last penny in their piggy bank.
Just remember it is the rich who created your job—unless you work for the “rich” Uncle Sam, who is now flat broke.
Vote D if…you want to destroy jobs.
Unlike the Democrats who demagogue an issue without facts, conservatives can quickly show that each accusation is backed up by well-established facts. Any astute Republican should start with his ten-second-sound-bite and then launch into a thirty second tirade of facts. Democrats have made ridiculous accusations against Republicans and conservatives without an ounce of truth or shred of evidence. So, why are Republicans so closed mouth? “No Das, No Das!”
Vote D if…you want demagogues instead of solutions.
Vote D if…you want dishonesty instead of details. Remember Pelosi’s words, “We must pass the bill to see what is in the bill.”
The solution is a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution that has these elements: First, besides balancing the budget every year, Congress must also pay down the national debt at least 5% each year—hopefully 10%. Second, if the budget is not balanced, then all elected and appointed Federal officials’ salaries, benefits, and expense accounts should be reduced 20% and that compounded each year that one deficit follows another. Third, if the debt is not paid down at least 5%, then all elected and appointed Federal officials’ salaries, benefits, and expense accounts should be reduced 10% each year that this goal is not met. Fourth, all elected and appointed Federal officials who have assets of $5 million or more will receive no salaries or benefits and will donate their time as a public servant. If they are not willing to do that, then go home.
Vote D if…you want a do-nothing Congress and President.
Vote D if…you want a do-the-wrong-thing Congress and President.
Please be aware that there is a price to pay if any Republican follows this course. The Democrats and liberal media will not only howl bloody murder, but also they will do everything they can to destroy that person. That is why the liberals hate Sarah Palin. She got in a few great zingers, so they have done everything possible to lampoon and harpoon her. How do liberals spell revenge?
Vote D if… you want the dastardly Rules for Radicals to be law!
Vote D if… you want dumb, dumber, and dumbest in charge of our nation.
Vote D if…
Share your ten-second-sound-bite. Please, put them in the comments section and then email the whole article to your member of Congress.
We the people are sick of trillion dollar deficits and debt, and we are sick and tired of politicians who refuse to use common sense solutions to deal with it. Hopefully, Republicans will get some guts and use a few of these zingers. It is 14 trillion seconds past time to tell the liberal Democrats to take a hike!
It will make the Democrats mad—guaranteed. It will also make the conservative Republicans glad—guaranteed! Furthermore, common sense conservative solutions will make America flourish again—guaranteed!
Vote in the poll and contact me if you would like to buy a bumper sticker with this message: Let’s begin the 2012 campaign with this zinger!

Vote D if…

You want deficits and debt out the wahzoo

He used $100 bills to fill that space, but I just used one dollars bills to fill the same space. $100 bills will equal $1 million, but one dollar bills will equal $10,000 and will fit into the same space.

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