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Monday, July 4, 2011

Winning the War of the “Ten-Second-Sound-Bite”

Democrats are experts at one thing: Public Relations (Press Releases). Long ago, they realized that they had to win the war of words against Republicans. Every day, talking points are sent to the liberals in the press, in the unions, and in the government. Rush Limbaugh often does a montage showing dozens of lying, lunatic, liberal Democrats saying the exact same words. This is not coincidence, but part of a deliberate plan.
Liberal Democrats have used this exceedingly brilliant and effective tactic for decades. The principle is simple—repeat something often enough, and people will believe it is the truth—even if it is not. It works! The problem is that liberals are notorious for repeating mendacities.
Now, compare this strategy with what Republican do. In an effort to appear independent and intelligent, they all respond differently to the same question or issue. Often their responses are accurate and well thought out, but their answers are not pithy or concise or poignant. When asked a question by reporters, they tend to go on and on in a blather of words. So, when the report is broadcast on TV, the Democrats all give the same ten-second-sound-bite while the Republicans are shown hem-hawing in uncertainty and seeming contradiction. Which answer does the viewing public remember? That’s right: the ten-second-sound-bite!
The Republicans give the liberal press exactly what they want. The lame-brained press then make Republican look like prattling idiots while portraying Democrats as the epitome of wisdom.
In every PR battle the Republicans always lose. First, they lose because the Democrats start their barrage of ten-second-sound-bites months before the Republicans even start. You can always tell what issues the Democrats will attack next because the bombardment of ten-second-fabrications will begin months before the real issue arrives on Capitol Hill for a vote.
For example, take the recent battle on raising the debt ceiling. When did the Democrats begin their war of words? Months ago! What was their ten-second-sound-bite? Republicans would rather give tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires than help the sick or elderly or college students or homeless. Republicans would rather shutdown the government and ruin the economy. Then, Democrats begin the scare tactics by telling the elderly that they won’t be getting their checks or the college students won’t be getting their loans or unemployment will get worse or the stock market or economy will crash because the Republican won’t raise the debt ceiling.
Secondly, the Republicans always lose because they never have a succinct ten-second-sound-bite that will stick in the minds of the audience. They ramble around like a deer caught in the headlights. What is hard about inventing a poignant sound bite? Newt did when he said, “Republicans want you to have a paycheck while Democrats want you on food stamps.” The Democrats howled like a bear caught in a trap. They hated it because it shined the bright light of truth on the issue and their lies.
Sadly, these powerful Republican bombshells are few and far between. On recent issues, where is the ten-second-sound-bite from Republicans? Have you heard even one that you could remember?
Thirdly, the Republicans always lose because only one person says the ten-second-sound-bite, and it dies a quick death because the media never repeats it. When the Democrats squealed like stuck pigs at Newts remarks, every Republican in Congress should have repeated the same sound bite every time a reporter put a camera in their face. They should have repeated those words, loud and long.
If Republicans will ever learn to repeat the truth in short succinct ten-second-sound-bites and if they all with one loud voice will repeat that sound bite often, the American public will be persuaded and moved to call Congress and tell the Democrats to put up or shut up.
Republicans can stop cowering in the halls of Congress. For example, take the issue of Social Security reform. Paul Ryan bravely proposed a budget that would not only balance the budget in a few years, but also would save Social Security and Medicare. What did the Democrats do? Immediately, their ten-second-sound-bite war began. Every Democrat repeated the same words “Republicans want to destroy Social Security.” There was not an ounce of truth in their words, but the end result was Republicans running for cover.
What should they have said? “We are here to stop the Ponzi scheme of Democrats!” Republicans should have given their ten-second-sound-bite and then gone into a 30 second tirade about how the Democrats have stolen the senior citizens’ money for over seventy years and it’s got to stop! Democrats are robbing our children and grandchildren’s retirement and it’s got to stop. Nothing is more powerful than the truth put into a pithy proverb. “Stop the Ponzi scheme!” “Stop the Shell Game!” “Stop the Lying Liberal Scam!” “Stop Using Social Security to Build Tunnels for Turtles!”
In other words, make the Democrats and liberals run for cover. Make them howl and scream like mad men. Every time that they start their ten-second-sound-bite war of words, the Republicans should come back with one sound bite after another that is wittier and more truthful than theirs.
So, to help the hapless Republicans win this war of words, I am going to write a whole series of articles entitled, “Vote D if…” Each article will be devoted to just one issue and a ten-second-sound-bite that Republicans should use. I would like for every member and reader of this blog to then put in the comments section as many witty sound bites as they can create about that subject. Then email the article to our Republican Congress members because evidently they don’t have anyone on their payroll with an ounce of wit.
Hopefully, we can help turn the tide of this war because it is a war for the minds and hearts of the American people. It is a war for the destiny of this nation. It is a war for the future of our children and grandchildren, and the Democrats know that. Do you want Freedom or Slavery? "Debt creates slaves!"
(Thanks for reading this blog. I am adding a second master's degree in special education and the work load of the June class was very large. Now, I will have more free time for the blog)

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