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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Et tu, Brete?

Conservatives have been betrayed again. First, by Judge Judas Roberts—Second, by Benedict Boehner—And, now by Brutus Paul Ryan.

His televised speech was nothing more than another stab at the conservative movement—especially those conservatives who support either Trump or Cruz.  These two presidential candidates are bitterly hated by the Rhino Republican establishment. And Ryan, who once wore the coat of friendship to conservatives, has revealed his true colors.

Like all Rhinos, he scolded conservatives for their intolerant language. His double-edged words cut sharp and deep, revealing his true colors. Yet, he has been silent as liberals called conservatives racists and bigots. 
This election cycle has not only revealed the deep-seated disappointment of the conservatives. Conservatives are tired of talk!!! While Obama has decimated our economy, our healthcare, our military, and our freedoms, the Rhino Republicans have talked.  Conservatives elected them, not only to speak, but to act; and the Rhinos have failed miserably to act—to oppose Obama—to cut his funding.

This election cycle has revealed the deep-seated hatred of the “ruling-donor” class. K-Street lobbyists hate conservatives and feel that any true conservative reforms will ruin their gravy train.  By all means, we must “repay” the donors that grease the wheels of crony capitalism.

This election cycle has revealed that true conservatives have no real home in the Republican Party.  I believe it is time for conservatives realize that fact and form their own party.  Yet, that presents a huge problem. Until conservatives learn to fund and vote as a block the liberals and Rhinos will continue to divide and conquer. This website is dedicated to finding enough conservatives who can and will do just that!!!

The time is not right to leave the Rhinos to their own self-destruction. The time is right to think clearly—to fund carefully—and to vote consistently.  Hilary must be defeated and all conservatives must join forces to do just that.  However, beware of the Ides of March, beware of Brutus!!!

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