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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Five Benefits of Benedict Boehner’s Betrayal

Speaker Boehner has betrayed true conservatives again!  For the umpteenth time! Yet, his betrayal has revealed some benefits that true conservatives can use to our advantage.  What are those benefits?

 First, Boehner’s betrayal exposes the disdain Republican have for the Tea Party.
Republicans mistreat the Tea Party conservatives. The Rhino Republicans despise the Tea Party conservatives. They do everything they can to discredit them, discourage them, disparage them, and, in effect defeat them.  With friends like this, who needs enemies! Why? The answer is simple: Rhinos are liberals.

The purpose of this blog is to expose lunatic liberals even if they are Rhinos in conservative clothing.  

Second, Boehner’s betrayal reveals a major weakness of the Tea Party.
The Tea Party members of Congress tried to depose Boehner as Speaker of the House, but were thwarted in their plans and punished for their efforts. .

The strength of the Tea Party is its numbers.  Most people in America are conservative by nature. Most people in America are tired of big, bloated government bureaucracies that are as beleaguered as extinct behemoths.  Most people in American are tired of trillion dollar deficit spending. Most people in America are fearful of the 18 trillion dollar debt and frustrated with the excuses politicians offer for not balancing the budget now.  Americans are tired of the high taxes and no return on their investment. TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY! That is the rallying cry of the TEA Party.

The weakness of the Tea Party is its organization. We have thousands of Tea Party groups but little cohesion—because it is truly a grassroots movement. Even more damaging is that some Tea Party groups have been subverted. In a nearby state the largest Tea Party group has been suborned by the powerful political machine of the politician who parades around the country as a strong conservative, but he is a Rhino. For example, he goes around the country condemning Common Core, yet in his own state he pushed Common Core upon the school when thousands of conservatives called on him to stop.[i]

This blog is dedicated to providing an efficient, effective way to organize. Best of all, there are no membership dues. Members don’t have to worry about IRS scrutiny because we are not applying for tax exempt status.  Free speech is tax exempt, and the internet provides the best method for organizing.

Third, Boehner’s betrayal reveals the dangers of the donor class.
Rush has identified the donor class as the real danger we face.  These people—because they are so rich—believe that they should rule; that they should control; and that they should be exempt from the laws while they tell the rest of us what to do. And they are dangerous because they have billions of dollars to spend to achieve their objectives.  They are dangerous because their objectives are clearly and completely anti-Constitution, anti-American, and anti-God.

They do not fear politicians, but politicians fear them.  That is the real reason that Boehner betrayed the conservatives.  K Street—with all its lobbyists—spends hundreds of millions to get “their” politicians elected. If the politician betrays them, they will lose their “gravy train.”  The politician’s family members work for these firms for 6 or 7 figure salaries.  Politician—if they are thrown out by the voters—have a soft, cushy 6 or 7 figure salary already promised to them if they only “promote” the right causes.
There is only one thing the donor class fears.  YOU! There are more of us than there are of them. They may have billions to spend, but conservatives out number liberals with about 120 million who identify themselves as conservatives. Now do the math. How much money do conservatives have if they only give $10 each? That is right! Billions!

This blog is dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal and that we must have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. We are dedicated to informing, organizing, and inspiring true conservatives to become involved and active.  I am dedicated to challenging every conservative to put your money where your mouth is.  Then the Rhinos will fear YOU, even more!

Now, I am convinced that we need an amendment to the Constitution that demands a balanced budget. I also believe we need an amendment that limits the terms of Congress.

Even more important, I am now convinced that we need an amendment to the Constitution that limits the power of the donor class.  The amendment would basically say that no elected official or his near family could work for any lobbyist organization or business that had contributed to his campaigns until the official was out of office for 20 years.  Also, the amendment should stipulate that no lobbyist could serve as an elected or appointed official until that lobbyist has been out of his business for 20 years.  

In other words, WE THE PEOPLE must demand that the revolving door between elected officials and the lobbyists is permanently closed.

Fourth, Boehner’s betrayal has galvanized true conservatives.
True conservatives are outraged. The Rhinos have once again turned their backs upon those who keep them in office.  They plead for our support and then stab us continually in the back.  Enough is enough!

I personally believe that there are thousands of true conservatives who are just as disgusted and fed up as I am.

This website is dedicated to giving true conservatives a voice—a voice that is heard in Washington and feared by liberals. The issues are clearly enumerated and expounded on this website. The pathway to victory is clearly marked.

The only question remains: How many will join?  How many will get informed?  How many will become involved and help us vote the lunatic liberals out?

Fifth, Boehner’s betrayal has created an open door of opportunity.
True conservatives have the opportunity to stop the rise of Obamaism—the belief that government should be of the ruling class, by the ruling class, and for the ruling class.
True conservatives have the opportunity to stop the Rhinos—who believe most true conservatives are too stupid to understand “how government works.”

True conservatives have the opportunity to permanently reduce the Democratic Party to the lunatic, liberal fringe—who could not get elected dogcatcher. 

This website is dedicated to that purpose.  Without fanfare, if a thousand people will join this website, then WE THE PEOPLE will repeal Obamaism!

If a thousand people are willing to give $100 to put Boehner into retirement, then WE THE PEOPLE will send a shock wave across the Rhino donor class.  I have $100 already committed to the Tea Party candidate who opposes Boehner. How about you?  How many will join me now?

If a thousand people will share this website with another conservative friend, then WE THE PEOPLE will demote the Democrats to a party of dinosaurs.

Join us! 

WE THE PEOPLE must work smart.

WE THE PEOPLE must work hard.

WE THE PEOPLE must take our country back.

 WE THE PEOPLE must get out the vote.

WE THE PEOPLE must support truly conservative candidates.

[i] Check out this website for details. Moon Griffon has covered and documented the dubious details of Governor Jindal’s “conservatism.”

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