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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

VOTE D…if you agree with Dummerzan de Rawk

Meet the happy citizen of France, Monsieur Roth Ulysses Dummerzan de Rawk. His friends call him R.U. He is so elated since the new French socialist candidate was elected. He is 59 and could not stand the idea of having to retire at 62. Now, he can retire at 60. It won’t be long until the children of France will be able to retire right after they are weaned from their pacifier. 

He is delighted that the rich will now being paying 75% of their income in taxes. He doesn’t care that most of them are fleeing to some other country where taxes are lower. He doesn’t think about who will really be paying the taxes.

He is enthralled about the future. He dreams of homes for all the poor. He imagines that everyone has well-paying jobs and healthcare. Poverty and disease will disappear. Oceans will recede. All pollution will disappear. France will soon spend itself into utopia!

Or will it be pandemonium? He doesn’t care that the funds are bankrupt and the country will soon follow Greece into the meat grinder of austerity measures.

If you believe that liberal socialism will produce paradise, so does R.U. Dummerzan de Rawk!

Secretly, Obama hopes the newly elected president of France will not implement his plans right now. The reason is obvious. The reality is that the French liberal plans—which are identical to Obama’s liberal tax and spend plans—will bring disaster. If this happens before November, then Obama’s solutions will be proven disastrous.
If France’s economy follows Greece over the economic cliff after Obama wins election, he will not care because there are no future elections to stop him. He will have four more years to make sure Obamacare is not overturned. He will have four more years to spend over 3 trillion dollars a year. If fact, he will try to double his record 5 trillion dollar deficit spending spree in just four years—leaving America with a debt over 25 trillion dollars, which will put America over the cliff with Greece. 


While liberals rejoice in France, they weep in Indiana after the news of Richard Lugar’s defeat by a Tea Party candidate. The Tea Party has realized that we cannot compromise with liberals; we must defeat them—one at a time. This is the time for common-sense conservatives to do everything we can to get involved, to get Tea Party candidates on local, state, and national ballots, to educate those who don’t understand, to promote the principles of conservatives, and to vote until we have voted all the lying, lunatic liberals out of office.

Richard Lugar epitomizes the Rhino who believes that peaceful coexistence with liberals is possible—all we have to do is bow at their altar and “believe.”

If you believe that taxing the rich will solve our problems, so does R. U. Dummerzan de Rawk!

If you believe that more government spending will solve all our problems, so does R.U. Dummerzan de Rawk!

If you believe people are paranoid who worry about a 16 trillion dollar debt, so does R.U. Dummerzan de Rawk!

It actually appears that the real objective is to “collapse the system.” Do liberals really want to bankrupt America? The answer is “yes.” But, if you say this too loudly, you are branded as a radical right wing extremist. 

Who is the extremist?

Cloward and Piven are two Columbia University professors who first proposed the ideas that liberals must deliberately “collapse the system” of America so that the “benefits” of socialism can be put into place.[i]
A brief examination of their writings will reveal who are the extremists. However, if you believe that it is conservatives who are the real problem and real extremists, so does R.U. Dummerzan de Rawk!

The disciples of Cloward-Piven also closely followed Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals. Alinsky advocated “making the enemy live up to their own rule book.” The result of pushing the Judeo-Christian “charity” or welfare system to the ultimate extreme would means its complete failure and collapse. Alsinsky then proposed that they should “replace the capitalist rule book with a socialist one.”

Is Obama pushing the “collapse the system” strategy? That is hard to prove. What is easier to prove is Obama’s love of Alinsky and his teaching of Alinsky’s principles to college students.[ii] Obama is a master at using Alinsky’s methods.[iii]

However, if you insist that Obama’s connection to radicals like Bill Ayers is proof of his radical agenda, then you are branded as the extremist and terrorist.[iv]
If you believe that conservatives are “lying” about Obama’s background, so does R.U. Dummerzan de Rawk!

If you believe liberalism is the answer, so does R.U. Dummerzan de Rawk!

VOTE D…if you believe in DISMANTLING America’s Constitutional liberties.

Many socialists in France hate America and hope it will soon collapse. If you believe that, so does R.U. Dummerzan de Rawk!

If you don’t believe that, then why would you vote D?

If you love America’s liberties, then why would you vote D?

If R.U. Dummerzan de Rawk could vote, he would vote D!

Sadly, many American will vote in the upcoming election by “appearances” and “promises” for more hope and change.

So would R.U. Dummerzan de Rawk!

If you cannot see that government spending, taxes, and regulations are killing the American economy, neither can R.U. Dummerzan de Rawk!

If you cannot see that a 16 trillion dollar debt growing ever larger is like a ticking time bomb to America’s freedom, neither can R.U. Dummerzan de Rawk!

I believe Americans will wake up.
R.U. Dummerzan de Rawk believes Americans will sleep on.
November will prove who is right.  

It is important that every conservative take a stand and vote the lying, lunatic liberals out!

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