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Saturday, May 19, 2012


Meet My Liberal Country Club President—former president.

Golf is my favorite pastime, so several years ago I joined a popular country club that had even held an event for the Hooter’s tour. The course was popular and the club had over 400 members, most of them just working class people.

So, they elected a new president who had all these big dreams of how he was going to make this a great club. Of course, those dreams meant money, but rather than living within the budget, he proposed a “small” increase of $10/month on the membership dues. “Surely,” he argued, “that is a small price to pay for the needed improvements.” This small increase would increase the country club’s budget by $4000/month or $48,000 in extra spending cash.

Many of the members started warning them that if they raised the dues that many member would quit. But, he ignored the warnings and persuaded the board to vote in the increase. Sure enough, about 40 members quit. Do the math. He had just lost his increased budget.

Did this “liberal” learn a lesson? No way! In just a couple of months, he sent out a letter explaining the blight of the club now that they had increased spending and some members had resigned.

What was his solution?

You guessed it! He proposed another increase in dues to make up for the lost revenue.

Again, many of the members complained and again warned that others had said they would resign if the dues went up. Did this president listen? No! He again persuaded the board to vote in another “small” $10 increase in dues.

Sure enough, another 30-40 members resigned. Did this moron liberal learn a lesson? No! This time he waited three or four months, and then sent out another letter explaining the blight of the country club.  In all of these letters, this president always blamed others and never himself. It was not his fault, but he had no choice but to propose another “small” $10 increase in dues to make up for the losses.

Again, and in even louder protests, more members warned him not to do it, saying that many others had warned that they would quit.

Liberals are not only blind leaders of the blind; they are deaf to any real solutions. Many of the members had suggested that he roll back the dues to the level at the very beginning. They suggested that by lowering the rates to that level then it would create an incentive for the former members to return. He laughed and scoffed saying that the roll-back remedy would only reduce revenue.

So, after a short time (he thought he had waited long enough for everyone to cool down), he again persuaded the board to make a “small” increase of $10 in the dues.

Sure enough, 40-50 members quit, including me. Did this liberal learn anything?

No! He went through the same thing about 6 months later. Another 40-50 members quit, including my best friend and golfing buddy.

Did this liberal learn anything? No! He did it again and again until over half the 400 members had quit and gone to other country clubs. Now, the country club was really hurting financially, so much so that they could no longer pay the “pro.”  They also had to lay off nearly half the workers and make a bunch of other cut backs to keep the club from going bankrupt.

Another thing they did right was to fire that president at the next election. Then they began reducing the rates to the place that it is now cheaper to join the club than when I first joined. That did help them get new members, but many of us who had quit simply had found other clubs we liked just as much.

The club is still struggling. In fact, I still go there to play golf from time to time because it is really a nice course. The green fees are the cheapest around. Why? They are still trying to attract more members.

Here is the reality. We don’t live in Florida where there are hundreds of courses and hundreds of thousands of wealthy, retired players. We live in a rural area where most people are middleclass blue collar workers.  This country club has actually been in a “self-created” depression for over two decades now. We do not live in a money mecca, but this idiot president thought we were all made of money.

Who was really hurt?  The common everyday hardworking members! The country club workers! The country club community! But, not this president!

This country club is still struggling and trying to escape the pit dug by this meat-head president. They have never voted in another liberal president. They are slowly growing and they are living within their budget.


When I hear the governor of California saying that their debt is greater than expected and they must raise taxes on the rich, I think of this ignorant country club president. Do liberals ever learn?

How many decades now has “liberal” California been struggling? Like the country club, citizens and companies in California have been moving to other states—this has been going on for decades. Have the liberals of California learned a lesson?

When I hear Obama and Biden saying that they have to increase “investments” (spending) and tax the rich, I think of this country club president.

When I hear them blame Bush and conservative policies, I think of this country club president. Do liberals ever learn?


How does the president propose to spur the economy? That’s right! More taxes and more spending! Somehow, these mental midgets believe that their “liberal” agenda will solve America’s problems—they never realize that their policies are actually causing the problems. Neither do they realize that it will take “we the people” decades to dig out of the hole that they have dug.

Think about how long it will take to pay down the 16 trillion dollar debt to $1 trillion—I want it reduced to zero. Yet, not even the Republicans, who are talking about balancing the budget, are talking about paying down this mountain of debt. Liberals act as if the debt is meaningless and does no harm to our economy.

Liberals laugh and scoff like my former country club president did. They blame others like he did. They say I am crazy for saying it will take decades to dig out. They say the recession is over and the recovery is in full bloom.

Oh, really…

Ask Japan. Japan has been following these “tax and spend” policies for three decades.[i] They went through a disastrous economic decline decades ago. What was their solution? Politicians decided to spend their way out of the quagmire.[ii] (That sounds familiar!) So, Japan increased the national debt to 180% times the GDP in order to stimulate their economy and spend the nation into prosperity.

What is the result? Their economy has been sputtering along for decades with only a 1% increase.[iii] Liberals in Japan tout that as “success.” The only problem is that unemployment and inflation are increasing at much larger percentages. Actually, Japan is digging a bigger and deeper hole, and the real problems have not been addressed.[iv]

Does any of this sound familiar?

Yet liberals rail against a return to Reaganomics. They brag that Obamanomics is working.

However, within three years Reagan brought America out of the deep recession of Carter—proving that the conservative policy of lowering taxes across the board really works. It also ushered in the longest period of economic growth in American history.[v]

Obama has had three years to turn this economy around by using liberal policies. Where are we? Our economy is sputtering along with anemic growth and liberals shout “success!” Stay the course!

Vote liberal Democrats back in if you want four more years of pathetic growth.

Vote liberal Democrats back in if you want a real inflation rate over 10%.[vi]

Vote liberal Democrats back in if you want a real unemployment rate closer to the Great Depression that the unemployment rate under Reagan or Bush.[vii]


Thankfully, the country club members learned their lesson and voted their “liberal” president out. I can only hope that Americans will wake up and change their president.

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