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Friday, February 3, 2012

VOTE D...if

The current election cycle (like the last one) illustrates the need for an army of conservatives, committed to making an early impact.
Obama has a billion dollar war chest waiting to unleash a barrage of nega-ton attack ads—distorting the truth and deifying lies. The upcoming election promises to be the biggest smear campaign ever seen.
The moderate Massachusetts governor Mitt has been able to outspend Newt in Florida by 65 to 1. The Republican establishment decided early that Romney is their man, and they are throwing their millions behind him. Are their millions enough to thwart the Obamachine?
While the real conservatives—Bachmann, Cain—have become the early casualties of the always-bash-conservatives media. Bachmann was treated with utter disdain, and every minor mistake was turn into an unforgiveable faux pas. Cain became the target of unscrupulous, Chicago-styled attacks. When it was Clinton, the media cried “move on” because character does not matter. However, when it is a conservative, the media—with only hearsay—shouted, “move out!” Both of these candidates needed enough money to counteract the liberal attacks, but lacked the financial support to weather the liberal storm.

While Newt has his flaws, I still remember that it was Newt who engineered the “Contract with America” in 1994, which returned control of the House to the Republicans for the first time since Hoover. It was Newt who forced Clinton—who went kicking and screaming—to balance the budget for the first time in our lifetime. But, his couch escapade with Pelosi has left conservatives pondering.
Conservatives are once again left with the option of voting for a moderate with warts. However, conservatives cannot sit on their hands—as they did in 2008—because America cannot afford four more years of Obama. I fear that America may not get out of the hole that Obama has already dug. Four more years will guarantee that Obamacare will never be repealed, will guarantee a debt over $25 trillion, and will guarantee the bankruptcy of America.
Before we start blaming liberals, just look in the mirror. The purpose of this blog was twofold. First, this blog wants to find a million committed conservatives who will pledge $1000 each election cycle. That is a billion dollar war chest that would have a real impact. That amount would nullify billions spent by liberals, would nullify billions supporting Rhinos, and would nullify billions spent by special interest PACs. Yet, this blog will not tell members who to support.
Second, this blog wants to inform, organize, and help true conservatives get elected. Conservatives must follow a simple, dedicated plan to reach this goal. Our plan is to find true conservatives early and support them often.
Conservatives by nature are fiercely independent. That’s good. That’s great! The intention of this blog is not to create an army of mind-numbed robots who march to create chaos—like the Occupy Wall Street robots.
Our goal is simply to gather a million committed conservative members who are willing to work together to reach one goal—a completely conservative government. That goal is higher and harder to reach than Mt. Everest, but it is possible if we follow a simple, organized plan of commitment.
Our purpose is not to tell everyone how to vote, but it is to give conservatives an opportunity to vote for genuine conservative candidates. It would be great if the last four candidates going into the convention were all committed conservatives because the Rhinos didn’t have enough money to buy the election.
We lack only one thing!
A million supporters! Gallop poll reveals that there are over 120 million self-proclaimed conservatives in this nation. Obama has the liberal billionaires firmly behind him. Mitt has the Rhino billionaires behind him.
Conservatives may not have any billionaires to support them. I would prefer that we did not. I would prefer that we had just one million committed conservatives who were willing to give $1000 per election cycle to neutralize corrupt politicians.
Honestly, I don’t have the money, and I don’t plan to give one dime to the Rhinos. But, I will give my last dime to see real conservatives elected. I hope I can inspire others to join. I hope that others will share these goals and help increase our membership so that in the next election cycle—even 1000—committed conservatives would have a tremendous impact, early and often.
We must make our impact early. We had genuine conservatives in the beginning of this election cycle—excited to run even with little support. Where were the Tea Party supporters? Frankly, I was disappointed.
If we can’t gather an army of committed conservatives, then DABSTER DON will continue to run the ANIMAL FARM.
As an English teacher, The Animal Farm is one of my favorite pieces of literature because it was written by a disillusioned socialist who observed the utter hypocrisy of the Communists who took over Russia and promised that every worker would be equal, that every worker would receive an equal share—sounds a whole lot like Obama’s latest promises.
They promised a “workers’ paradise.” Yet, when the Marxists took control of Russia, they began a systematic campaign to control every facet of the economy and society until individual liberty was completely lost. Instead of a “fair share” of the Russian wealth, the Russian people received their “equal share” of decades of depression, suppression, and misery.
Not only is this book an analogy of what happened in Russia in the early 1900s, but also a prophecy of what will happen in America in this century if conservatives don’t ban together to stop the liberal onslaught. Remember Franklin’s admonition, “We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.”[i]
It was the American conservative President Ronald Reagan who tore down the iron curtain and gave the Russian people an opportunity to restore freedom. Our mission is simple: find, support, and elect an army of Reagan conservatives who will tear down the iron walls of Obamacare, Wall Street bailouts, and trillion dollar deficits.
We must restore Constitutional liberties and balance of powers in America before it is too late!
We have the money because the average American can give a thousand dollars.  We only need a million committed conservatives. Out of 120 million self-proclaimed conservatives, can we find a million individuals willing to make that commitment?
That’s the real problem! Are you part of the solution or part of the problem?
Become a member now.
Make American politics better, today.
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Find out what we will do this election cycle.

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