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Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Bible in the News

Every week a hundred stories, if not a thousand, illustrate the truth that the Bible is the most relevant and reliable book on the school’s library shelf.  Having been a preacher for almost 50 years, it is my purpose to pick a story each week that illuminates the impact the Bible has had, could have, or should have on “modern” mankind. 

The battle for homosexual rights won another victory in Arizona when Governor Brewer vetoed a bill that guaranteed the right of business owners to exercise their religious beliefs. The bill was an attempt to restore some lost religious freedoms.[i]

However, the homosexual rights advocates claimed it would give business owners the right to discriminate.[ii]  Besides using the age old technique of vilifying the enemy, the homosexual rights advocates threatened economic boycotts.[iii]  In addition, Eric Holder announced that the Justice Department will recognize that same-sex spouses should have the same legal rights as all other married couples.[iv]

What does the Bible have to say about homosexual rights?

Well, let me paraphrase: No one has the right to do what is wrong!  Ecclesiastes 12:13-14. 

The sinner has the right and responsibility to repent. Ezekiel 14:16; 16:46-50; 18:30-32.

Our Constitutional rights are based upon our responsibilities and duties to the Laws of Nature and to Nature’s God.[v]  This was the Founding Fathers’ belief.[vi]  They enumerated those rights and responsibilities in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The First Amendment says, “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”[vii] 

That is so plain that a 3 year old liberal should understand. Congress shall make no law…none…nada…nil…zilch…zippo…zero…kapeesh!

At the beginning, it must be understood what the Founding Fathers considered to be “law” or the basis of law. They considered the Bible to be the basis for our laws—the spring from which all laws are derived—the plum line by which all laws are to be tested—the foundation upon which all laws are laid.  Noah Webster summed up their feelings when he said, “The moral principles and precepts found in the Scriptures ought to form the basis of all our civil constitutions and laws.”[viii]

Our national monuments reveal the importance of Scripture as the basis of law and justice.  Over the Supreme Court’s east entrance is an image of Moses holding the Ten Commandments and under him the words “Justice the guardian of Liberty.”[ix]  Moses appears eight times in the carvings that surround the Supreme Court’s Great Hall ceiling.[x]

The National Monument to the Forefathers at Plymouth, Massachusetts, illustrates the religious roots of America.[xi]  Standing tall is Faith with the Holy Bible in her left hand and her right hand pointing toward the sky. Sitting around this statue are four virtues. Morality sits holding the Ten Commandments in her left hand and a scroll of the book of Revelation in her right hand, with an Old Testament Prophet on one side and a New Testament Evangelist on the other. Then Law is tempered with Justice on one hand and Mercy on the other. Education is represented with the Wisdom of Maturity on one side and Youth following Experience on the other. Finally, Liberty sits with Peace on one side and the Overthrow of Tyranny on the other.  (Faith is central to the other virtues of American freedom.)

We are all familiar with the statue of Lady Justice, blindfolded, with scales in one hand and a sword in the other hand. The idea behind Justice comes from the Reformation. The Reformation ideal of Justice is illustrated in Lausanne, Switzerland, at the Supreme Court building in the famous painting by Paul Robert, which is titled Justice Lifts the Nations[xii]. In the painting, the woman who represents Justice has her sword pointing to an open book, which is clearly marked “The Law of God.[xiii]

The sword of Justice always points to the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. This is its authority. Do you want our laws to come from some book that says it is alright to kill your enemies? Do you want our laws to come from the minds of corrupt men? Do you want our laws to come from the Humanist Manifesto?

Without a just, righteous, and proven standard, our laws will become the mere whims of one depraved human to persecute anyone he wills—hocus pocus—Obamascare—is not about healthcare for the poor, but redistribution of wealth.

Sure enough—I worked hard to get an education so that I could earn enough money to pay for my own healthcare, and then I lost my policy to Obamascare. However, the minimum wage workers at my company all signed up for Medicaid. Think about it!  Those who spurned an education get rewarded with free cell phones, free housing, free groceries, and free healthcare.  I see it every day!

Whose “law” are we following? Not God’s Law because the Bible always condemns the slothful and lazy. Proverbs 18:19…the slothful is brother to the waster. 

Is homosexuality a religious freedom? NO…because you do not have the right to do what is wrong!

Next, the First Amendment also explains the two areas in which Congress shall make no laws.  First is the area of an established religion. Congress can make no laws that would “establish” one religion above another. Many countries, then and now, have an established religion which is supported by tax money from the government—an established religion. In other words, Congress can pass “no law” that would “establish” the Baptist or Methodist or Catholic or any faith as the state-supported religion.  All faiths have an equal footing in the nation—being freely supported by the free-will offerings of individuals.  Unknown to many, Secular Humanism is the established, tax-supported religion of America.[xiv]

Is homosexuality a religion? NO…because you do not have the right to do what is wrong!

The second part of the First Amendment prohibits Congress from making “no law” that would prohibit the free exercise of religion. This includes individual freedom in all our spheres of life—not just the place of worship, but also the right to practice our religious beliefs in our businesses, our schools, our homes, our social circles—everywhere and at all times etc.  Only that is real liberty!

Is homosexuality an individual religious belief?  NO…because you do not have the right to do what is wrong!

However, the problem has not been Congress only, but the Supreme Court “legislating” from the bench. Arizona Senate Bill 1062 was simply an attempt to restore the religious liberty that had been struck down by the Supreme Court’s decision in City of Boerne v. Flores.[xv]  This was after Congress passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 2012.  Congress should not have to pass a law restoring religious freedom. 

Congress shall make no law.  The Supreme Courts shall make “no law.”

The Supreme Court has been “legislating” from the bench for decades and the result is that our Constitutional rights have been trampled and trashed. The Supreme Court has legislated the Bible and prayer out of our schools—you can only pray if a shooter enters the building.  The Supreme Court has legislated that women have a right to kill their babies. The Supreme Court has legislated that Obamascare has the right to force individuals to buy health insurance. And the Supreme Court has legislated that homosexuals have the right to push their lifestyle down the throats of Christians.

The point is that no one has the right to do what is wrong—not even the government.  By what authority do they do this since they deny God?

The founders said that we derived our rights from the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God—our Creator has given to us certain unalienable rights.

The Ten Commandments have 8 “negative” commands—thou shalt not—because the negative adverb “not” limits the rights of the lawbreaker but expands the rights of the righteous individual.  Thou shalt not kill limits the rights of the killer to kill.  No one has the right to do what is wrong. However, it expands the rights of the righteous because the Scripture does justify killing in self-defense or in case of war. It also gives to government the right to kill the murderer—by the hand of man shall the murderer’s blood be shed. Genesis 9:6 and Leviticus 24:17.

Nowhere in the Laws of Nature or of Nature’s God does the right to an abortion exist.  It was not mentioned in the writings of the Founding Fathers, yet the Supreme Court found it mysteriously hidden in the inside pocket of the right to privacy.  You do not have the right to do what is wrong!

Nowhere in the Laws of Nature or of Nature’s God does the right to commit any sin exist!

Can you imagine the murderer saying, “I have a right to kill whoever I want”?
Can you imagine the theft saying, “I have the right to steal whatever I want”?
Can you imagine the liar saying, “I have the right to insult and slander at will”?

Yet, this is the logic being used by the Supreme Court. The mother has the right to kill.   In the process, millions of human babies have lost their rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The Supreme Court has used this logic to give to the homosexual the right to force his lifestyle upon others. However, the business owner has lost his right to refuse service if it violates his religious beliefs.  He has also lost his property rights because he can now be sued out of existence. And the preacher has lost the right to condemn sin![xvi]

Leviticus 18:22; 20:13; Romans 1:26-28; I Corinthians 6:9-10.  Without doubt, homosexuality is a sin! Amen, Brother Phil Robinson!

Once the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God have been turned upside down, then there is no limit to the absurd rulings yet to come from the Supreme Court.  What is to stop them from giving the Satanist the right to obey his Bible—which commands him to break all of God’s Ten Commandments.

Do Satanists have a legal standing to offer human sacrifices? Yes, by the logic that the Supreme Court is using!
Do Muslims have a legal standing to kill all infidels? Yes, by the logic that the Supreme Court is using!  You can expect Sharia law and international law to be the new standard used by our courts.
Do Christians have a legal standing to practice their beliefs? NO, by the logic that the Supreme Court is using!

Beam me up, Scotty!

What is happening to our nation—to our Constitution—to our Bill of Rights?

Right now, the preacher who dares to call homosexuality a sin is threatened with all kinds of legal actions to silence him.  He faces unjust lawsuits that he can’t afford!  He faces endless audits from the IRS!  He faces government harassment from every possible agency—NSA, EPA, FBI!  If you don’t believe that can happen in America, then ask the owner of the Gibson guitar plant![xvii]  [xviii]

The day is coming when preachers who condemn homosexuality will be put into prison for “hate” crimes. This Sword of Damocles hangs over the pulpit now!

Is this right? NO!

Is this America? NO!

Is this the future of freedom? NOBODY KNOWS!

What can we do about it?  Whatever we do to preserve Lady Liberty, we had better do quickly! 

We the People …had a plan over 243 years ago.

We the People …have a plan.  Read it! Are you ready to join?

We the People …have a choice to make. Many have chosen to pursue what is wrong. Many will choose to do nothing. A few will choose to do what is right!  America’s future depends on your choice—each and every one!

May God bless America!

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