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Monday, May 2, 2011

Budget Cuts—What Budget Cuts?

The left is howling over the draconian budget cuts in the recent deal to avert a government shutdown. Is $39 billion truly painful cuts? Hold the presses! When the smoke and mirrors are removed, the real budget cuts were closer to $14 billion.[i] Wait a minute—is it only $350 million? In a $1.6 trillion deficit, that is like losing a penny. There is more waste in the trashcans of Washington D.C.
The truth is that mountains of waste can be found in any government agency. Harry Reid says that the Cowboy Poetry Festival must be saved.[ii] I was raised a cowboy on a ranch in Colorado. I love the Sons of the Pioneers, but you got to be kidding me. America is bankrupt! Must we “save” some cowboy poets? Let’em punch cows to make a living!
A measly $39 billion is not draconian when tens of billions of dollars could still be attached by earmarks![iii] Where is the promise to eliminate all earmarks? Boehner claims that there are no earmarks, but let’s wait and see what the “final” bill has. It is past time to break Congress from sucking eggs.
Has anyone done the math? $39 billion divided into a $1.6 trillion deficit means that it will take over 41 years to just pay off the deficit of this one budget. Come on, Rhinos! Get some guts. Be bold! Cut the budget by $2 trillion. Even that would not be draconian—it’s called balancing the budget and reducing the debt.
We were promised $100 billion in cuts by Republicans running for Congress, and we get a miserable $39 billion. And Republicans are boasting—while the Democrats are laughing all the way to the bank. $39 billion in cuts is hardly a dent in the titanic budget. Democrats are also laughing because they know that Republicans will back down again when the debt ceiling debate is brought to the floor.
“We the people” are not fooled. Republicans are only greasing their wheels for another defeat. We will not forget our Rhino friends.
I am a big fan of Paul Ryan’s plan. Yet, even his bold plan of cutting $6 trillion is in reality only a $600 billion cut per year over 10 years. When Obama is giving us a $1.6 trillion deficit every year, then even a $600 billion cut leaves an increase of $1 trillion in the debt every year. That is a trillion dollars of too-ooo-ooo-ooo much spending every year! Does anyone have the guts to stop Obama?
Now, conservatives should not shoot themselves in the foot again. We got mad at Bush’s deficit spending and “voted the bums out.” Aunt Nancy, Uncle Reid, and Big Brother Obama immediately went on a trillion dollar/year spending binge—unlike anything our nation has ever see—even the World War II deficits had a legitimate reason. But, where are these trillions of dollars going?
Our first goal must be to vote out every lying, lunatic, liberal bum in office then we can focus on the Rhinos in the Republican Party. We cannot repeat the mistake of voting out the Rhinos first. It only opened the door for an out and out attempt to pass every liberal utopian idea while they had power. Liberals were successful with healthcare and only time will tell if conservatives can turn back the clock.
Why are Democrats spending out the wahzoo? What are they trying to save? Oh, yeah, our economy! They claim that they had to spend so much to save us from an imagined depression. In the history of the world, no nation has ever spent their way out of debt and into prosperity—ever heard of the fall of the Roman Empire. Well, Democrats declared the recession was over months ago. So, why are they still spending? What are they saving now?
Has anyone investigated where these trillions of dollars have gone? Just exactly which rat holes are getting hundreds of billions of dollars! Please, someone investigate.
Well, here are a few investigative facts. $2.481 billion is being spent on climate change research.[iv] Just how many billions do these quacks need to push a hoax upon the world. Do these lunatic liberals really need your tax dollars? Let the billionaires like George Soros fund these idiotic research projects.
Someone needs to watch the earmarks. The 2010 budget has almost $16 billion in earmarks.[v] The 112th House of Representatives has banned earmarks, which is a good beginning—but who is watching the Senate?
Reagan conservatives believe in a strong defense, but still the fraud, waste, and abuse within the Defense department could easily result in hundreds of billions of dollars in savings. Are they still paying thousands for a toilet seat?[vi] What about the V-22 Osprey? Do we really need to spend billions of dollars on an airplane that continually fails to meet its performance objectives?[vii] The 2008 budget spent over $10 billion on this failure.
Citizens Against Government Waste has compiled a list of “Prime Cuts” that would save the taxpayers almost $350 billion in one year and over $2.1 trillion in only five years.[viii] Imagine it—billions of dollars going down a million rat holes.
The Heritage Foundation compiled a list of savings that would total $47 billion.[ix] Just giving states greater control over the Federal Highway Program would save $25 billion alone. Practical, effective solutions to reducing the deficits would result in $343 billion in savings each year.[x] It is mindboggling how many hundreds of billions of dollars are thrown down politically correct rat holes.
According to one source, the federal budget can be balanced—without raising taxes—by 2017 if government will simply freeze spending, by 2019 if spending is restricted by a 1% growth rate, and by 2021 if spending is restricted by a 2% growth rate.[xi] So, what is the real reason Obama wants to “tax the rich”?
With just a few minutes of research, I have found spending cuts over $400 billion and have balanced the budget within ten years. Why is it that the lunatic liberals in Congress cannot find 10% of that? Why don’t the Rhinos have enough guts to push for two trillion dollars in cuts, which would balance the budget and begin paying down the debt? Amazingly, both liberal Democrats and Rhino Republicans cry that such cuts would be draconian. Liberals are outatheirgords! What is their solution? Tax the rich! Remember that if you have a job, you are rich—and liberals plan on taxing you to death and beyond.
Taxing the rich is not the answer because if all the wealth of all the billionaires in the United Stated was confiscated, it would not even pay for this year’s deficit.[xii] In fact, if we confiscated the wealth of all the billionaires in the whole world, it would not pay for the deficits since Obama took office, nor dent the trillions of dollars he still plans on spending. Tax breaks for the rich is not the problem; it is the astronomical federal spending.
To add insult to injury, the tax burden upon the working person is also astronomical. Taxes should be reduced across the board back to the rates that Reagan established. An even better plan is to press Congress to adopt the fair tax system—while abolishing income taxes completely, and making corporate taxes the lowest in the world. Hello! These people are the job creators, give them an incentive to stay and build in America.
“We the people” must stay focused and involved. Our focus is to expose liberal lunacy. Our involvement is to vote every liberal bum out of office. We must also get the Republicans to fight for a balanced budget within five years and paying off the debt within ten years. They cannot back down or find some "compromise" with Democrats. Republicans must get guts--you and I must be their backbone. Keep the faith!

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