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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why Waiting on Washington Won't Work

We the people have been waiting on Washington D.C. for real solutions to the problems facing our nation for decades.  We keep electing “sweet sounding slogans” and keep getting “sour milk.” Politicians keep “getting the goldmine” and we keep “getting the shaft.” Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

The reasons that solutions will never come from the top—Washington.

First, Washington has no common sense—zero, zilch, nada. When was the last time a law came out of Washington, and you could say, “That makes total sense”? Look for any law passed within the last century with common sense solutions. Can you think of any?  I’m still waiting!
Instead, we get over 2000 pages of health care reform that not one lawmaker has read. “We must pass the bill to see what’s in the bill.” Boy, that’s common sense incarnate—NOT! We have yet to find all the hidden billion dollar “treasures” waiting for “we the people.”
Instead, we get IRS rules and regulations so long that a thousand phone books could not hold them and a thousand accountants can’t agree on what your taxes are. Talk about death by a thousand cuts!

The second reason is that Washington politicians are bought and paid for.  If we had truth in advertising applied to our politicians with total transparency, then every one of them would look like a Daytona 500 race car—covered from head to foot with the names of companies who have paid for some portion of their vote.
That is why Sarah Palin scares the heck out of liberal Democrats and Rhino Republicans.  That’s why the lame-brained media vilifies her every chance they get. That’s why liberals hate her with all the vitriol in the world—she threatens their monopoly on power. There are no advertisements attached to her attire. She’s not bought and paid for. Like the Liberty Bell, her voice resounds with common sense solutions.  Like Reagan before her, she stands on common sense conservatism and speaks with conviction. In short, she possesses the quality that is anathema to politicians—she says what she means, and means what she says.

The reasons that solutions must come from the bottom—We the people

“We the people” have common sense. Our founding fathers knew that and believed that the corporate common sense of all the people would ultimately annihilate the absurdity of politicians. When will common-everyday Americans learn that we should vote these bums out of office?—often—every last one!
Instead of voting for lawyers, doctors, corporate executives, and politicians, vote for Joe the plumber, Sally the seamstress, Bill the bricklayer, or Molly the stay-at-home mom. These are the people with enough common sense to solve problems. These are the people who must balance their budgets and make ends meet. These are the people who build things, make things, and save things.  These are the people who leave things better for their children and grandchildren. These are the candidates that “we the people” must find, must help, and must elect.

The second reason that solutions will come from the bottom is that “we the people” are not bought and paid for. All the gold in California or Alaska cannot buy our vote. If someone sells out, vote the bum out! We have plenty of candidates. Look carefully at the qualifications that our founding fathers placed in the Constitution. Did they specify years of service or wealth or education? NO! Candidates must be a certain age and an American citizen. They knew that the greatest asset in America was its people—common-ordinary people.
Most of the people in America work hard, pay too many taxes, and retire with little. Most people know what it is to work at two or more jobs 14 to 18 hours a day just to raise their family. Most people pay income taxes, FICA taxes, Medicare taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, user fees, filing fees—taxes out the wahzoo! Have you looked at your electric bill lately—the fees and taxes almost double the actual cost of the electricity that you have used? It’s ridiculous! When retirement comes, most people have from little to nothing because they are forced to “give” their meager savings to every idiot idea that Washington can think up.
“We the people” don’t have time to run for office, yet we should. “We the people” don’t have the money to run for office, yet we should.  Yet, we have the solutions—it comes from hands-on, pragmatic living.

One lesson that politicians hope “we the people” never learn.

The greatest lesson in history is this: “We the people” have the power. We may not have the money, we may not have the time, but we have the numbers and that is power. If enough people call, Washington moves.
Just imagine if ten million taxpayers marched on Washington on April 15 and said, “We are not paying ridiculous amounts of taxes anymore.”  What are they going to do? Arrest all of us! (Let me make one thing clear. I am not talking about anarchy or union-type demonstrations of screaming, shouting, hitting, shoving, and threatening or LA type riots where there is burning, looting and mayhem.  I am talking about the Glenn Beck type of demonstration where people stand tall, remain calm, respect others, and leave the place cleaner.)
What are they going to do if ten million taxpayers march on Washington and say, “We are not leaving until you repeal Obamacare”?  
What are they going to do if ten million taxpayers march on Washington and say, “Reduce your pay 20% now and every year until you balance the budget and pay down the debt”?
Washington D.C. hopes that “we the people” never learn that we have the numbers to force them to act with common sense and speed. Liberals hope you will shut up and give up.

The reasons that the professional politicians hope “we the people” stay uninvolved and uninformed.

          Unfortunately, most people do not have the time or money to spend weeks demonstrating in Washington. We are not like the unions in Wisconsin who pay people to show up. We are not like the teachers there—getting paid to take weeks off of work. “We the people” must show up every day to work or lose our jobs. “We the people” have families who need daily care. Most of us don’t have the luxury of demonstrating—it’s not a right; it’s a luxury, exclusively given to unions.
          However, we can stay informed and involved. Thank God for Al Gore—inventor of the internet! Information is just a click away. Staying involved is just a click away. Thank God, most of us have a little time to “click.”
          So, take some time, today. Search! Decide! Prioritize! Support! Click, Click, Click Away! Now, ain’t you glad that you did!

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