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Monday, February 21, 2011

Enemies of Liberty--Foreign and Domestic

We the people oppose Liberal enemies foreign and domestic and plan to vote the bums out:
First, we the people will vote them out because of their lies. If liberals spoke truthfully to the American people, they would never hold any office. Consequently, they must cover their true intentions with lies produced from polls. Pollsters tell them that Americans want choice and competition. Hence, they promise choice and competition while the true language of the bills reveals the destruction of any choice or competition within the healthcare system.  On every major issue—whether cap and trade, taxation, immigration etc—the lying liberals cover their true intentions with sugarcoated lies.  We the people have learned we cannot believe or trust them, so it is past time to vote the lying liberal bums out!!!

Second, we the people will vote them out for their lunatic ideas. Protecting minnows while farmers lose their farms and unemployment reaches 50% is lunacy. Yet liberals in Congress have not taken one step to stop the insanity.  Increasing taxes upon the rich is madness because it decreases their incentive to spend money or create new jobs. Yet, the lunatic Congressmen find even more deceptive ways to put taxes upon our money—the poor and rich—which they tax over and over. Raising taxes in a recession is lunacy, and it is even crazier to call it a stimulus. Cap and trade with it carbon credits to stamp out a make-believe carbon imprint is lunacy of the most diabolical kind. If passed into law America will become a third world country while any money we have left will go to the third world to help them buy bombs to blow us up. Every major piece of liberal legislation—touted as a cure for what ails America—only robs the hardworking people of their money and freedom. Enough! It is past time to vote the lying, lunatic bums out!!!

Thirdly, we the people will vote them out for their lily-livered patriotism. Our brave soldiers won the war in Viet Nam, but lily-livered liberals lost it. That same timidity infects the liberals today. They pledge allegiance and then cry for retreat. They vow to defend the Constitution and then strip it of any meaning. They sign peace treaties with foreign gangsters who have pledged their lives to destroy America while any citizen who opposes their hypocrisy is arrested, investigated, or harassed. Radical Muslims flew planes into our buildings, but the only enemy that liberals see is conservative Americans who love and want to defend this country. If liberals will not stand up for America, then let them move to any socialist country in the world.  Stop trying to turn a freedom-loving nation into another soviet socialist experiment. Since liberals do not understand the meaning of conservative convictions, then it is past time for an eviction. We the people pledge to vote the lily-livered bums out!!!

Fourthly, we the people will vote them out for their loudmouthed insults. While pretending to be of the people and for the people, these liberals denounce honest, hardworking Americans as Nazis, as racists, and as mobsters. When confronted by their vocal citizens, the liberals always resort to name-calling.  If they have no reasons to support their position, they simply shout you down as a racist. If they get tired of honest questions about a bill they have not read, then they call for their union thugs to beat up the rabble. Give them proof that their lunatic ideas will fail, and they will only increase the number of verbal attacks against you.  They will call upon their lap-dog liberal press comrades to defend their honor. It is past time to stop the assault upon freedom loving citizens. We the people pledge to vote the loudmouthed liberal bums out!!!

Fifthly, we the people will vote them out for their limousine-lazy hypocrisy. While telling the American people that they need to conserve energy, these hypocrites travel the world in their private jets and limousines. They waste more energy in one trip than an ordinary citizen will use in a lifetime. Yet, the people of America must learn to do without, learn to live on less, learn to tighten their belts under heavier and heavier taxation while these hypocrites use every tax loophole they can. Many liberals do not pay their taxes and when caught, they pay no penalties, while the average hardworking American is threatened with large fines and long jail sentences if they fail to pay. These hypocritical sum-lords want the American citizens to bail them out when their extravagant world travels and wild parties are endangered. We the people have had enough, so we pledge to vote the limousine-lazy liberal bums out!!!

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